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Why use Google AdWords

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Author: Ben Marita

Google is a powerful beast and uses at least SOME form of semantic analysis to judge relevance. What better way to show Google you are relevant than to have natural relevant topical inbound links? Google might hate me. And some people I haven't even thought of are probably going to hate me. Google had persuaded the lower court to toss the case, arguing that its use of Rescuecom's trademark was internal and not a "use in commerce," which constitutes trademark infringement.

Google AdWords is search marketing platforms that help companies of all sizes to find new customers in Thailand and around the world. In particular, SMEs can use AdWords to cost-effectively grow their business during these tough economic times. Google is providing other tools to help advertisers manage ad campaigns. One is the AdWords Discounter, which monitors all bids placed for keywords, constantly on the lookout for changes. Google has also built into the AdWords interface Google Analytics -- a marvellous web analytics tool that provides in-depth reporting on all aspects of your campaign's performance.

Google won't teach you how to squeeze every drop out of the orange, but I sure will. You can't lose. Google refuses to police false ads and allowing trademark terms give false ads more credence. Google Adwords campaigns are relatively easy for any novice user to setup, and doing it yourself allows you to control everything. However, with this control you have to .well .

Google's search advertising model didn't spring forth fully formed. It was iterated, and many of the key concepts were borrowed something many people don't realize. Google likes its secrets. But there's one secret it likes more than any other. Google notes that 'Unlike standard mobile ads, you don't need to format your ads for mobile phones to show your ads on the G1 and iPhone. Because the G1 and iPhone have full Internet browsers, you'll be able to display your standard AdWords ads and landing pages on these devices without having to modify them.'

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