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When you should or should not use Free web hosting

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Author: Emma Broad

Free web hosting is certainly not for established webmasters and internet marketers. People who know how to milk the money out of the net, can afford a decent web hosting service without burning too big a hole in their otherwise inflated pockets. Free web hosting is not a total rejection. It is good for immature, non-professional and websites with less bandwidth requirements. Free web hosting is an attempt of commercial structures to increase web traffic and the consequent exposure of end users to advertising. Advertisers pay for their advertisements to be seen per view or per click. Free web hosting is fine for personal use. Maybe you have some family pictures you want to upload to the site so family members all over the globe can easily view them. Free web hosting is the simplest kind of webhosting service. Ads on hosted web sites generally support this type of website hosting. Free web hosting is best suited for small sites with low traffic, like family sites or sites about hobbies. It is not recommended for high traffic or for real business. Free web hosting is very popular because of the easy access it provides beginners to build their first website. Free Web Hosting is a set of free services provided by free website hosting providers or free web hosts. By using free web hosting you can build a website & publish it on the web for free. Free web hosting is free as long as you display their banners (although there are some exceptions). Luckily most will let you upgrade your hosting to ad-free hosting for a small monthly fee. Free web hosting is free because of the fact that advertisements are used to create an income for the company which is providing web hosting services. These small advertisements in the forms of words and other types of banner ads are used within websites to attract customers and most often work on the basis of pay per click marketing. Free web hosting is the first step, if you want learn more about web hosting. By trying it out, you can learn the basics of building a site and be more comprehensive as you get along with it. Free web hosting is not very much recommended for professional and business websites, as they have different requirements altogether, so, these must be in reliable hands. Free web hosting is another good option for smaller, personal websites. There are many free hosting providers that offer all types of features; some include CGI access and more. Free web hosting is good for those with low traffic. For example you may like to have your website so your friends and family can access and exchange ideas with you. Free web hosting is definitely not something that businesses should consider, irrespective if they are small or large. Free web hosting is free as long as you display advertising banners of their choice. Several free web hosts will claim the ownership of the copyright of your pages or not allow you to put your own advertising on the site! Free web hosting is nice, but you often cannot get any support or help. Paid web hosting sometimes gives you support, but may not have all the features you want.
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