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What is money?

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Author: Jane

Money is just a creation of man and nothing when you really think about it. Gold is worthy value because some guy said it was. Money is your means of survival. The verdict you pronounce upon the source of your livelihood is the verdict you pronounce upon your life. Money is what money does. To be a good medium of exchange, money must be accepted by people when buying and selling their productive resources and when buying and selling goods and services.

Money is the universal key, it fits all locks. And the world it has unlocked is the world we live in today. Money is often not acceptable as a gift and almost never in sexual relationships; talk of money is also frowned on in high art, religion and education. Similarly there is a taboo about money buying political office (although it clearly does buy political office indirectly). Money is managed by the society for its safety and creation. The society has been improving, money will be managed better.

Money is one of the most extraordinary of human inventions. As a means of exchange it makes modern commerce possible and is one of the most beneficial of institutions. Money is fungible, they argue, and therefore they cannot readily distinguish between outlays of their own resources and those provided by the government. But that's the type of doublespeak that would get the head of a town's homeless shelter thrown in jail. Money is what money does. Money is about choices.

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