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What is Custom lasik?

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Author: Diana

Custom lasik

Custom LASIK, sometimes referred to as Wavefront LASIK , makes use of the added laser vision technology at eye laser centers. This allows for individualized vision correction outcomes that may not be possible with Traditional LASIK, or glasses and contacts lenses. Custom LASIK uses state-of-the-art wavefront analyzer technology to provide each patient with the best possible treatment available, completely suited to his or her specific vision correction needs. Used during pre-operation evaluation, wavefront technology creates a three-dimensional map of the entire optical pathway called a WavePrint�. Custom LASIK and ASA take laser vision correction surgery to a new level by providing more precision for the surgeon and producing better results for the patient.

Custom LASIK eye surgery has the same mechanical components of traditional LASIK, but is fully personalized and guided by a detailed Wavefront™ map of your eyes. Custom LASIK has the potential to treat both lower- and higher-order aberrations. Custom LASIK utilizes this mapping system in order to yield a more precise surgical procedure. Hence, this could increase the odds that the end result is the maximum improvement in vision.

Custom LASIK™ has shown great success in reducing higher-order aberrations, which are linked to visual glare and halos. Custom lasik eye surgery is the procedure used to correct your vision condition with special attention to the specifics of your eyes. It is a very specialized surgery procedure based on the general lasik eye surgery methods, but custom made to treat your condition if it differs from the more common eye problems which require such surgery. Custom LASIK is the most advanced laser vision correction available, surpassing even traditional LASIK in its ability to fine-tune your vision. Until recently, laser vision correction was only able to treat lower order aberrations, much like glasses or contacts.

Custom LASIK™ with wavefront technology represents the next generation of laser eye procedures. Because of the precision with which it maps the individual patient?s eye, customized LASIK can eliminate ocular imperfections that glasses, contacts, and even traditional LASIK cannot correct. Custom LASIK procedures, however, can reduce such increases and provide a higher quality of vision. Custom LASIK is expected to provide an extra measure of precision that will allow many patients who've been "waiting for better technology" to now feel comfortable having their vision corrected.

Custom LASIK is associated with complications that are similar in nature to those of conventional LASIK . However, studies on custom LASIK have shown that the risks of these complications are lower than with standard LASIK. Custom LASIK is a second-generation LASIK procedure, which relies not on an eyewear prescription, but on a highly detailed three-dimensional map of the patient's cornea as generated by WaveScan™ technology. The CustomVue™ procedure allows the ophthalmologist to detect irregularities of the cornea that would be overlooked with other methods. Custom LASIK has been very effective in treating high order aberrations and is considered to be a valuable method for enhancing patient's quality of vision. High order aberrations, which are tiny imperfections in the eye, have been linked to visual glare and/or halos.

Custom lasik eye surgery or lasik surgery for astigmatism does not require extended time for healing. Most surgeons suggest that their patients rest for several hours at home afterwards but can resume moderate activities by the next day.

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