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What is a good CV?

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Author: Henry

A good cv is

A good CV is essential when looking for work and it is worth spending time getting it right so it sells you to an employer. This writing a CV fact sheet tells you how to write a CV. A good CV is like a positioning tool to position and promote your personal brand. It's the first touchpoint with your prospective recruiters and needs to be handled smartly and with a great degree of care. A good CV is one which accurately displays your skills, abilities, aptitudes and experience. It does not understate or minimise what you are and what you can do.

A good CV is like a good meal. It should look good, be enough but not too much, have a bit of variety and quite a bit of substance. A good CV is an essential foundation for successful job-hunting. You may already have a CV which has already secured you an interview for a placement year or a vacation job. A good CV is like a fingerprint � the most personal item you have. It is an overview of your personal, professional and educational credentials.

A good CV is still essential but a covering letter has lost its impact a little. This involves providing the site with personal details such as work experience, skills, expected salary, location, current job role, your email address, name, address and phone number. A good Cv is like a positioning tool to right-position and promote your personal brand. It's the first touch point with your prospective recruter's and hence needs to be handled smartly and with great degree of care. A good CV is worth its weight in gold. It will deliver results and help you advance your career.

A good CV is the gateway to getting an Interview and one of many that will end up in a recruiters hands. It is, therefore crucial that you sell yourself and impress the reader at this stage. A good CV is between 1% to 10%. It is very important to increase your SPV. A good CV is essential for any job hunter. Read our handy hints and tips below to help you produce a first class CV every time.

A good CV is a CV that is concise, clear to read and relevant to the position you are applying to. If your CV is well presented, well written and follows these rules you should at the very least get yourself an interview. A good CV is one of the most effective means for job hunters to secure the job they desire. Your CV, however, must leave a good impression on the employer right away.


Avoid repeating the same things in your cover letter and your CV, at least avoid using the same sentences. Titling, clear structure and logical presentation improve readability. Avoid a long list, it gives little indication of your level of involvement, so instead of putting just "reading", give some indication of your favourite authors or types of books you enjoy. Avoid activities which are too trivial, such as reading or television, and highlight activities which might be advantageous in the post you have applied for. An original activity may be mentioned to make you stand out and to draw attention to your CV.

Avoid self-opinion at all costs and concentrate on providing quantifiable proof of your achievements.

Ask yourself what skill they are looking for in the answer. Pick a point from your CV and include it in the answer. Ask yourself: "What's in it for them?".The employer has to WANT to read your CV after reading your covering letter. There is no clear-cut perfect formula for a covering letter, as it should always be tailored to you and to the position you are applying for, but there are a few simple rules you should follow.

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