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What are Search engines?

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Author: Zaida

Search engines are

Search engines are great for exploring yet lead potential customers through a maze of options or to your competition. An easy-to-remember domain name is the most effective way to lead visitors to your website . Search engines are better at finding relevant content than the destination sites themselves. For example, if you were searching for a specific story on CNN or a specific topic on Wikipedia, would you go to that site and enter the search term on their internal search engine? Search engines are built with an objective to report to the searcher, those websites, which appear to be having more relevance with the information sought by the searcher. Hence, a search engine facilitates searching of relevant information on the web.

Search engines are best at finding unique keywords, phrases, quotes, and information buried in the full-text of web pages. Because they index word by word, search engines are also useful in retrieving tons of documents. Search engines aren't yet very customizable. The Google I'd like to see would offer all manner of dials and switches so that I could test out different versions of the algorithm. Search engines are packed with URL's, all ready to pop up when a potential customer conducts a search. Many deserve to be at the top of the list, but aren't!

Search engines are all about keywords. The web surfer type in their search in the form of keywords and the search engines show results analyzing the relevance of those keywords in the web world. Search engines are just trying to make sense of it all as a benefit to the public. If search engines can't tell your website has something to do with your market, your potential customers are feeling the same way. Search engines are "free" to the user. They profit by selling advertising that appears when a visitor uses a specific keyword or series of key phrases.

Search engines are corporations. If they can replace your very well respected site with a dozen respected sites, have they really lost any ground in the public's eye? Search engines are programmed to detect some of these techniques, and you will be penalized in some way if you are discovered.

Search engines help us solve problems. We ask them questions, we use them to hunt for information, and we use them to pinpoint data. Search kings Overture and Google are grappling for leverage -- with Google looking stronger, thanks to its immensely popular Web site and much-ballyhooed search technology. But search specialists don't have the market to themselves. Search engines survive off of advertisements. The advertisers who purchase ads are the customers, and the visitors to the search engine web pages are the commodity that the search engines are selling.

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