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What are herbal medicines?

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Author: Henry

What are herbal medicines?

Herbal medicines are the oldest form of healthcare known to mankind. Herbs had been used by all cultures throughout history. Herbal medicines are an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Sometimes they are used as part of a health program that includes pharmaceutical drugs. Herbal medicines are individual herbs or mixtures of herbs that are used for therapeutic value. They are derived from plants and plant materials.

Herbal medicines are directed towards aiding the body's own healing processes. These approaches are diametrically opposed. Herbal medicines are not necessarily safe alternatives to conventional medicines during pregnancy. Their constituents are likely to have pharmacological activity and they might possess toxic constituents. Herbal medicines are an example of the perfection that nature has given us to survive. Pharmaceuticals are an example of mans desire to replicate and improve upon what nature has given us.

Herbal medicines are used to heal the body in a natural way without any harmful side affects. Asthma, flu, and even common colds are cured with herbal medicines because it puts ingredients into the body that the body can recognize, as opposed to detrimental chemicals that the body has never before been used to. Herbal medicines are derived directly from plants- there are countless numbers of flora found in the wild or that are cultivated that contain healing properties for a variety of illnesses. Herbal medicines date back to ancient times and are an effective way to treat many of today's common ailments. Herbal medicines are currently in demand and their popularity is increasing day by day. In the healthcare sector WHO recommends and encourages the use of traditional herbs/remedies because huge amount of raw material is easily available.

Herbal medicines are medicines in their own right. As with any other medicine they are likely to have an effect on the body and should be used with care. Herbal medicines are of tremendous help to a lot of individuals. Ever since the ancient times, they have been benefited by a lot of people. Herbal medicines are an integral part of the healthcare and healing practises in many ethnic and cultural communities today. In addition, a growing number of people are turning to herbal medicines when Pharmaceutical medicines do not meet their needs.

Herbal medicines are not required to pass any regulatory analysis to be sold as a health food supplement. There are many examples of herbal medicines that have been adulterated with other (more toxic) herbs, potent drugs (e.g.

Patients worldwide seem to have adopted herbal medicines in a major way. Survey data from the United Kingdom show that herbal medicine has been tried by about 30% of the British population. Patients are assessed according to certain criteria and then prescribed herbal mixtures which are tailor made according to these criteria. Thus 10 people with depression would get 10 different mixtures. Patients, among other things suffer from tachycardia, warm moist skin and raised body temperature. The treatment of hyperthyroidism includes symptom relief and therapy with antithyroid medications, radioiodine and thyroidectomy.

Patients with cancer often resort to complementary and alternative medical means to treat the side effects of chemotherapy. We have been using American ginseng and other medicinal herbs in preventing and treating chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.

Doctors also are trying to get educated about herbal products, so the doctor may or may not have more information about that herb.

Herbal products are classified as a "Dietary Supplement" and are marketed pursuant to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education act of 1994. Herbal medicines usually contain a range of pharmacologically active compounds. In some cases it is not known which of these constituents produces the therapeutic effect.

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