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Web hosting

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Author: Diana

Hosting is a service whereby one computer configured as an Internet server offers a part of, or its whole resources, for use in exchange for a certain rental fee. Thanks to this service, one or more users can use information, services or content located on this server using another computer called client. Hosting is usually paid on a recurring (monthly) basis. Hosting is a word which is used in literature for welcoming and serving guests so if you consider this word in terms of the Internet then it makes it very easy to understand what web hosting is! The use of a web hosting service allows a webmaster to have their site online and gives them the tools they need to run the site.

Bandwidth means the amount of data that is transferred from your website to the users. Each time somebody pays a visit to your site, they will use your bandwidth when the data transfer is taking place. Bandwidth can go to 300GB. Most affordable packages offer free set up.

Inexpensive web hosting is a common choice for new internet site owners. If you want to build a micro sized website, an cheap webhosting package may be ideal for you. Inexpensive web hosting is not as difficult as the more expensive web hosting. Most of these inexpensive web hosting companies offer free set up.

Web hosting is when a company like Velnet offers fragments of space on one of their server computers. These computers are permanently connected to the Internet and are usually referred to simply as the 'server'. Web hosting is a technology that provides rich services. It is important that company should have a basic knowledge of the different highly technical and confusing conditions that come along with Web Hosting and web site building. Web hosting is another service that a lot of business owners look into. Web hosting can constitute many different things from just providing the web space you need, to offering email for your business, and even designing your website for you.

Virtually all the providers give you FTP access to upload and download materials for your web site. Some provide Secure Shell access (SSH) for an additional fee, but this exposes them to additional security risks so don't count on it. Virtual web hosting is one of the most popular hosting options available at the moment - probably because it is one of the most cost effective options on the market. Also known as shared web hosting , virtual hosting allows a website owner to have a site hosted on a web server that is shared with other websites.

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