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Web Advertising

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Author: Jim Chapman

Web advertising is still hot. It's just not so hot on the AOL portal itself anymore. Web advertising is sitting uneasily between the mass market model and the direct mail model, in an arena where it doesn't have to be an either/or choice. Web advertising has swung back and forth between the two poles of traditional advertising without yet settling in on its own imperatives. Web advertising is most effective when it is backed up by accurate online market and demographics research. This is because the better a business understands its online market's internet usage behaviour, the more they can target particular sites. Web Advertising is a marketing tool that uses the Internet to target and attract consumers. An online ad can take many forms, including but not limited to pop-up, mobile, banner, floating, rich media, and interactive advertisements. Web advertising is business exploding with potential and has already proved to be a valuable asset. Website owners are very interested in re-designing their pages for higher appeal which, in turn, will increase the amount of advertising brought in by their page. Web advertising is cheap because the response rate is so low. Web advertising is in the midst of a metamorphosis. As television implodes, marketing chiefs are turning to the Net to create branding initiatives. Web advertising is cheaper in the long run and offers the freedom to change the content of your message at a fraction of the cost. But the major advantage in my opinion of web advertising is being able to view demographically where the majority of your hits are coming from. Web advertising is all about niches and targeting. The tighter the niche, the better the ads perform. Web advertising is one of the backbones of electronic commerce. The authors designed an experiment to examine how Web users� goal-directedness and product involvement influence whether they take a favorable view of a particular advertising strategy. Web Advertising is only paid for when a web visitor clicks on your ad. Web advertising is the primary driving force behind many Web activities, including Internet search as well as publishing of online content by third-party providers. A new discipline - Computational Advertising - has recently emerged, which studies the process of advertising on the Internet from a variety of angles. Online advertising can be used to reach both a broad audience or to target niche groups. Online, alcohol companies can attach themselves to content and audiences that have been elusive in traditional spaces. And for a company like Southern Comfort, that means getting rid of traditional ad spend entirely. Online customers look for more than a name and number when they need goods or services. Use this method of free Internet advertising to show customers your vital business information.
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