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Visual Basic

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Author: Dan

Visual Basic is not cheap, let me warn you in advance. Buying any edition just for trying it is not at all worth your money. Visual Basic is a general purpose computer language. VBScript is a version for Windows sys admin and web app client-side scripting. Visual Basic is a substantial programming language and, in a book of this size, it is only possible to give a brief introduction. However, the information given in this Made Simple book is enough to start you on some interesting projects and to show what may be achieved with practice.

VISUAL BASIC is one of the easiest programming tool to master. With some basic guidance, anybody could come up with a nice little windows-based program within a short time, age is not the limit. Visual Basic is one of the World's - and certainly one of Microsoft's - most widely used programming languages. Sixty two per cent of developers use Visual Basic, while 37 per cent of big businesses specifically use Visual Basic.NET - launched for Microsoft's .NET architecture. Visual Basic is a flexible and popular language that is used to develop graphical user interfaces. With some understanding of technology and programming, it's relatively easy to learn Visual Basic.

Programmers can combine the power, efficiency and speed of whatever language they prefer with the easy user interface design of VB by writing the meat of the application into DLL files, then calling the appropriate functions from Visual Basic. This is a must for really huge projects, since Visual Basic projects have limits on the number of objects and procedures, and procedure size, among other things. Programming language interface designed by Microsoft Corporation to allow users to modify code written in the simple programming language known as Basic. Visual Basic seeks to alleviate the extensive programming knowledge required to develop complex applications. Programming capabilities in VB6 or VB.net or any other language is more the capability of the programmer than the programming tools. Good programmers can write good code in any language.

Programming in Visual Basic is user oriented, following both the object-oriented and the so-called event-driven programming style. In contrast to earlier versions up to Visual Basic 6, the Visual Basic .NET language has become a full-fledged object-oriented programming language like Java or C++. Programming in VB is a combination of visually arranging components on a form, specifying attributes and actions of those components, and writing additional lines of code for more functionality. Since default attributes and actions are defined for the components, a simple program can be created without the programmer having to write many lines of code.

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