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Using banner ads.

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Author: Janet

Banner ads are a great way for you to advertise or attract interest to something in particular. It can be you own website or someone elses. Banner ads are generally bright and flashy and seeks to attract attention. And if your website is designed with the similar shades of bright flashy colors then it would just give the appearance of sheer amateurishness. Banner ads are usually placed in a thin, rectangular box (468 _ 60 millimeters is standard) at the top or side of the host site home page . Response to banner ads is generally measured by click-through rates . Banner ads are devices, sometimes 468 x 60 pixel images but more commonly separate pop-up pages, that invite viewers to click through to the site advertised. These have to be rotated randomly through the site, and the statistics recorded. Banner ads are the billboards of the Internet highway. Their design and message must grab the attention of the visitor, convey the message concisely, and compel them to take action. Banner ads are displayed in general rotation with each advertiser receiving the number of contracted monthly impressions. Up to the minute statistical reporting is available 24/7. Banner ads are an excellent way to get your link on another Web site and to expose a larger audience your message or products. A banner ad is usually a horizontal or vertical rectangle that includes graphic and text elements and sometimes animations. Banner ads are typically wider, but shorter. Button ads are usually either square, or slightly taller than they are wide. Banner ads are ubiquitous thus easy to buy. And they're cheap. Banner ads are designed weeks or months in advance and are for longer-term campaigns. Banner ads are added to a pool of other banners and advertisements. Each time a page is requested by a visitor, Wafin's servers display the next ad in succession. Websites aren't linear and banner ads, by their very nature, can't be "single page" ads. An online ad that takes up a whole page isn't an ad - it's a website. Web surfers are more likely to notice banners that are animated or playable. Example: if you have a small flash game embed inside a flash banner, many visitors will play that game, and be redirected to your website after they have 'win' or 'lose' the game. Webmercials can also be shown while viewers are waiting for a file to download or a search to be completed. Because of this unique delivery, webmercials are much more effective than TV commercials-even for branding purposes. Users naturally look at things differently depending on the context. For example, if you want to know how users look at the elements of a form, you can't just present the form on a stand-alone page and ask them to fill it out. Advertising on a particular blog or website means you are associated with that brand and the person/people behind it. The next time someone sees your brand mentioned elsewhere, they may think "I've heard of them before. Advertising has always been something of a cyclical market, and with so many companies now relying on pure display advertising, it may get pretty ugly. At some point, the advertising industry has to realize that simply putting up useless (or, worse, annoying) banner ads isn't particularly effective.
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