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Understanding ways to Rebuild your credit.

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Author: Ricky Joseph

Rebuilding your credit history is a lengthy process; however you can start after bankruptcy by getting a small amount of credit and responsibly paying your bills on time. Consider obtaining a secured credit card as a way to begin to build a positive credit history. Rebuilding your credit isn't difficult. Another benefit that you will find that occurs naturally during the rebuilding process is that you will have a definite idea of where your income is going. Rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy may seem like a daunting task but can be accomplished with patience. There are many companies that will lend you money after bankruptcy but at a higher rate of interest.

Rebuilding your credit after divorce may not seem like a priority right now, especially if you're still reeling from your marriage ending. But, if you eventually want to finance a vehicle or buy a house, you need to make sure that you have a good credit rating. Rebuilding your credit is not impossible. It takes time and hard work and in most cases won't even cost you any money. Rebuilding your credit from there can be a difficult road.

Lenders may be willing to provide loans because your credit report reflects that, while you have filed bankruptcy, you have proactively taken steps to manage your debt. This may be seen as a positive. Lenders don't consider your bankruptcy payments as a way to rebuild your credit. In fact, the "rebuilding credit" clock starts after it's discharged, no matter how long it takes you to pay while in chapter 13.

Building your credit score back up to a desirable level is not an insurmountable endeavor; you can do it! Be patient and exercise responsibility. Building or re-building a credit report is not a quick-fix situation. It takes a year or two to complete.

Bad credit can literally run havoc on all areas of your life, your health and your relationships. Take the first step to take control back on your life. Bad credit can happen to good people. There are ways you can get your credit back in shape.

Creditors are much more interested in your present circumstances than what happened to you 4-10 years ago. Therefore, rebuilding your credit can be done relatively quickly through a systematic plan and a little perseverance. Creditors will view your credit report when you apply for a loan, mortgage or credit card. Employers may request your credit report prior to making decisions about your future. Creditors get very nervous if they see you've filled out several card applications in a short amount of time. Applying to too many cards can actually hurt your credit history, regardless of whether you are accepted or declined credit.

Borrow a small amount you know you can manage, perhaps to buy a car or make home improvements. Make sure you can refinance the loan without penalty, so when your credit score improves you can shop for a lower interest rate. Borrow credit: By becoming an "authorized user" of someone's credit card, you can in effect borrow someone's credit history. Find a friend or family member that is willing to contact their credit card company and make you an authorized user.

Repairing your credit begins with obtaining a copy of your credit report, examining it for errors, and contacting the appropriate reporting agency to have the error removed. Under a new Federal law, you may have the right to receive a free copy of your credit report once every 12 months from each of the three nationwide consumer reporting companies. Repairing your credit - getting rid of the negative credit report information and caught up on past due bills - will raise your credit score some. To raise your score to a level high enough to get loan approval and better interest rates, you'll have to rebuild your bad credit - prove that you can handle credit responsibly.

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