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Twitter is

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Author: Emma

Twitter is

Twitter is a one-directional non-verified 'follow' where Facebook is by directional approval. This doesn't really change anything until FB modifies its relationship model. Twitter is by no means a replacement for a blog. How can you present a detailed argument or article in 140 characters? Twitter is a different story. I use it much like I traverse through the unstructured postings in Usenet groups.

Twitter is for reaching a targeted audience and chances are good that audience is either under 35 or technologically sophisticated. Not everyone texts, either, but it doesn't mean that text communication is a "fad.".You want to use the right tool for the job. Twitter is still something of a fledgling, and surely some other sites that eventually lived up to Twitter-like hype suffered from poor retention in the early days. Compare it to the two heavily-touted behemoths of social networking when they were just starting out. Twitter isn't in my life and prefer to keep it that way. I don't need more distractions in my life than I am all ready burdened with.

Twitter is NOT a source of journalism. It's a "raw events" channel, but journalism is only partly about fast reports. Twitter is also particularly effective at building communities around niche fields. Each of these interests has a large, well informed and active population on Twitter passing along pertinent information at the speed it is released. Twitter is much more civil in terms of look and ease of use, while Facebook is always in your face in annoying ways, trying to get you to click on some nonsensical advertiser's link.

Twitter is also rapid link sharing. It is following people who are interesting to you. Twitter is not just a technology or communications platform. Twitter is actually a great human-powered RSS machine. Twitter is nothing but the new Twitter: that very rare thing, an entirely new genre of service, like blogs, social networks, and way back in the day, portals all were. It's its own thing, and trying to analogize it to some other service is as useful as calling airplanes flying buses: sure, they sort of look like buses with wings, but that doesn't mean you use them the same way.

Twitter is the dumbest thing you will ever see. But the truth is it… Now I sound like an evangelical crazy woman. Twitter is extremely popular, and there are real concerns about its influence in times like these, but one must remember that Twitter accounts for a very small part of the communication on the Internet. Email, instant messaging, blogging, website updates, etc all account for 99.9% of the communication on the Internet. Twitter is a broadcast medium, 1 to N. Any subscription systems is effectively a broadcast medium.

Twitter is *the* information superhighway. Twitter is great because it's simple. It's text messaging for the web. Twitter is smart not to worry because they have a war chest of cash so as the saying goes ?you can?t go out of business with money in the bank? The issue for twitter is to be relevant and continue to innovate on the user experience side John B talks about that real time conversational piece.

Twitter is a manual intervention into something that is sufficiently taken care of by status on IM. Upping the noise to the extent that twitter does really isn't that useful, and isn't going to get you using your neurons, but it will get you imagining perceptions of things that you believe are the conditions, but are not. Twitter is winning not because it has managed its success well but because its competitors have bungled the counterattack. No service has stepped up to offer even the semblance of an alternative to Twitter's value proposition, that being a digital soapbox on which to debate the ideas, events, and emotions that course through the place formerly known as the blogosphere. Twitter is AN ultimate search engine, but far from THE ultimate search engine. Google does much more than just provide links to relevant information, it tells us what is most relevant.

Twitter is to blame for my poor responsiveness on e-mail as well. I once used to type long letters on e-mail. Twitter is rather like blogging with just an RSS feed. Twitter is like digg, but worse. It's also like instant messaging, but worse.

Twitter isn't a bad place to make friends at all. Come to my profile page and add some of my friends, look at their pages and add some of their friends (after you see what they Twitter about and can confirm that they are of reasonable interest to you, that is.) If you don't have any friends, Twitter is boring. Twitter is not a celebrity contest. It doesn't matter how many people who follow you. Twitter is not one of those fads that caught on among kids that has worked its way up the age-chain. It's more like Google, in that it started as a drop-dead simple solution to a problem no one knew they had — and has become an obsession with a sub-set of tech-geeks and people obsessed with the nature of online community and conversation (I confess).

Twitter is a social networking site that emerged from the shadow of Facebook to become the fastest growing member community online right now. Its members include celebrities, political figures, and even news networks. Twitter is a "real-time short messaging service". Users can subscribe to quickly updated text messages from an entity, though the messages are limited to a maximum of 140 characters. Twitter is dead as a topic of conversation. It is dead as fodder for blogs.

Twitter is not a cult. It is just a computer program. Twitter is technically micro-blogging, but the social component is it's strongest feature. I'm not saying you should be on Twitter even if you hate it.

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