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Tips about online scammers and how to avoid them.

Secret Spider Generator.
The Key to Google's Back Door.

Author: Janet

Free dating websites are also targeted by online scammers. The thing is that members of dating websites are usually unscreened. These online scammers are extremely difficult to trace. However, most auction sites have a strict rule and once a scammer is identified, they can no longer use the site. The federal government has begun successfully prosecuting online scammers under the federal Can Spam Act, but they can't continue their work without your help.

There are so many online scammers out there on the Internet. I just can't do anything about that. The problem, of course, is that the Internet has made the life of online scammers easier as well. This year, these dregs of the Internet universe are going to strike harder, according to experts, victimizing mainly ignorant and careless Internet users.

Many scams ask people to download a video player or other piece of software - supposedly so they can see the video or hear the audio - that winds up being a piece of malicious software. One buyer reports he purchased a portable DVD player for $100, but what he got instead was a Web address for a site where he could buy a player for a $200 discount.

Often the scammer claims to be a Nigerian bank manager, a Nigerian government official, the wife of a deceased Nigerian general, an official with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, or other 'important' person. Sometimes the scammer claims to be a church minister, an Iraqi officer on the run from Saddam's men, or a tragic widow dying of cancer (and you're her last hope), etc. So I went with it just got the check today, called the bank and surprise surprise the account has been purged and closed for quite a long while. I was actually hoping to find information on how to screw them maybe the law can set up the transfer and when they do pick it up find out where it was picked up and catch the bastards. The Internet makes it easier to accomplish many things - banking, research, travel, and shopping are all at our virtual fingertips. But just as the Internet makes it easier for legitmate pursuits, it also makes it easier for scammers, con artists, and other online miscreants to carry out their virtual crimes - impacting our real life finances, security, and peace of mind.

An organization requesting that you send funds to a foreign bank is always bogus. However, they first ask for your bank details to pay for legal fees and transaction costs. In the end you lose a lot of money and get nothing in return.

Users who suspect that they have fallen victim to a scam are advised to contact their bank immediately. Virginia Tech University has set up an official fund for people wishing to donate. If you get an email requesting personal information, for example, from your bank. Don't provide them with your information. Financial institutions such as Citibank and Washington Mutual were most cited, along with e-commerce giant EBay and its PayPal subsidiary. Calls for comment to these institutions have gone unanswered so far.

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