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The role of Search engines in the WWW

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Author: Henry

Search engines are programs specially designed to find information on the web and are helpful when conducting a search for a job site. Search engines are -- well -- "engines" or "robots" that crawl the Web looking for new webpages. These robots read the webpages and put the text (or parts of the text) into a large database or index that you may access. Search engines aren't yet very customizable. The Google I'd like to see would offer all manner of dials and switches so that I could test out different versions of the algorithm. Search engines are getting more precise down to an industry specialty and geographic focus, while also continuing to be easier to use. Search engines are free to use and are operated by private companies. The quality varies, depending on how many and which websites they will search to find your words. Search engines aren't concerned about legitimate reciprocal links, where it makes perfect sense for sites to link to each other. It's excessive type linking, where the links seem to be there only to boost search rankings that they are concerned about. Search engines are a good idea when you have a very specific or obscure topic to research. Queries for broad or popular topics will return more results than is practical, and the information found may be of questionable quality. Search engines are not pinged when you modify a post, and then never look at them to see if you changed them. You are better off making a new post and linking back to the older post from within the newer post rather than changing or adding to a new post. Search engines are moving into the 'local' area, by offering tailored results and resources based on the physical location in which an enquirer happens to be. If we add mobile communication into the mix, the entire concept of search engines begins to take an interesting new twist. Search Engines are different from Indexes in the way they carry out a search. Search engines use a program called a spider. Search engines are among the most popular tools for resource discovery on the WWW. A plethora or search engines have become available recently. Search engines are no stranger to questions of privacy. They range from the petty (location of privacy policies ), to the questionable (storage of IP addresses ), to the disastrous (exposure of personal searches ). Search engines are composed of computer programs that create databases automatically. Search engines are a computer tool that constantly read and categorise web sites and web pages. Search engines are a bit like your school librarian. Search engines are used by Internet users to find a specific webpage for individual needs. A user can use search engines to do anything from answering questions to finding pictures or videos of anyone who has it on the internet.
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