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The negative calorie diet is

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The Negative Calorie Diet (tm)
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Author: Helen Wooley

The negative calorie diet is The Negative Calorie Diet is centered on the idea that certain foods create a negative calorie effect. What happens is that certain foods require your body to burn more calories than the food actually has itself. The negative calorie diet is not about avoiding food it is about avoiding 'junk' The body that relies mainly on these types of foods for nutrition burns off less of them per day than it takes in. The Negative Calorie Diet is counter to everything we have been taught about weight loss because it suggest that we move into starvation mode and dip under the 1200 calorie limit most doctors and dieticians warn about. It is much less food than we are accustomed to eating. The Negative Calorie Diet is based on scientific research and more than 100 foods requiring your body to "BURN" more calories processing them through your digestive system than the actual calorie content of the food itself. This results in your body burning up the excessive stored fat! The negative calorie diet is also more effective when it is combined with regular exercise and physical activities, so don't expect marvels in case you don't do any exercise at all. The Negative Calorie diet is intended to help dieters lose a lot of weight very quickly. It says that dieters can lose up to 14 pounds in 7 days by following the diet strictly. The negative calorie diet is said to be food products and drinks that you intake that are said to have a negative calorie effect in our bodies. It provides few calories that the body needed for to digest, because there is a certain amount of calorie needed in our body. The Negative Calorie diet is about eating lots and lots of certain fruits and vegetables and a bit of fish and chicken. These foods are not negative calories, but while your body is digesting them, it takes more energy which causes a negative intake of calories. The Negative calorie diet is unfortunately just another fad diet that has gain in popularity since it first was introduced. It is a weight loss concept based upon that consumption of foods with a negative caloric effect (meaning the calories burned by chewing and digesting the food are greater than those that are contained in the food itself) will lead to rapid weight loss. The negative calorie diet is said to work because it harnesses the power of what you already have: namely, your very own natural digestive system. The effect of the negative calorie diet is sometimes called "diet-induced thermogenesis". The Negative Calorie Diet is based on the principle that you are going to be eating foods that have negative calories. It is a pretty easy concept. The Negative Calorie diet is based on the theory that if an individual eats foods that have negative calories, they will lose weight. A 'negative calorie food' is one that uses up more caloric energy through digestion than the calories that are in it.
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