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Sun Microsystems

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Author: Geogina Bolts

Sun Microsystems is the global supplier of network computing solutions that power the Participation Age. Their proven portfolio of systems, software, and services is one of the most complete and innovative on the planet today. Sun Microsystems is touting its new UltraSPARC T1 processor as an industry first. While increasing speed and efficiency (it has support for up to 32 simultaneous threads, with eight threads executed per clock cycle, for anyone keeping score), the new processor also draws an average of about 70 watts, anywhere from half to a third of more traditional processors, which are typically between 150 and 200 watts. Sun Microsystems is tackling the major issue of data center energy use through the introduction of Sun Fire T1 and T2 servers. These servers draw about as much power as a light bulb and will save an estimated 251 million kWh when installed in the average data center. Sun Microsystems is a leading high-technology organisation that competes with companies like IBM and Hewlett-Packard, as well as many other smaller technology firms. As such, it's also a company full of people who like to play with and adopt new technologies. Sun Microsystems is an American company with 34,500 employees worldwide. Sun Microsystems Inc., (NASDAQ: JAVA) provides network computing infrastructure solutions that include computer systems, software, storage, and services. Sun Microsystems is one of the largest companies in the world - developers of computer software and hardware systems with tens of thousands of employees across hundreds of countries of the world. They are the developers of the Sun Java programming language, so it was something of a surprise when they approached us to re-write one of their intranet applications in Java. Sun Microsystems is a major player on the Internet: according to the Internet Society, 56 percent of the Internet traffic runs on Sun servers. Sun Microsystems may be smaller and not a as strong as it once was, but it remains one of Silicon Valley?s most innovative companies. A leading maker of UNIX-based servers, Sun Microsystems also makes workstation computers, other storage systems, software, chips (SPARC), and an operating system (Solaris). Sun Microsystems develops the technologies that power the global marketplace. Guided by a singular vision -- "The Network is the Computer" -- Sun drives network participation through shared innovation, community development and open source leadership. Java programs allow animation to appear in Web browsers, background music to play, and text to scroll across the screen in real time, just to name a few things. Java got the first player advantage but have since gotten sloppy. While still popular, it's consistently losing ground to MSoft's .Net. Java license access or synergy, Sun's deep and wide professional services presence worldwide. Java security technology provides the developer with a comprehensive security framework for writing applications, and also provides the user or administrator with a a set of tools to securely manage applications.
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