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Social networks

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Author: Ben

Social networks

Social networks were first researched in the late 1940s. With the advent of the Internet, online communities and social networking websites, their significance has only increased. Social networks are an extremely popular destination right now. Two-thirds of active internet users have managed an online profile and 71.1% have visited a friend's social network page. Social networks challenge common perceptions of personal space versus public space (or work space versus home space). Users often find themselves having to create a single profile that will connect their friends, family, and colleagues.

Social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace are attracting millions of members but are these people finding what they are really looking for? Churches, schools, bars, and ball games are packed with people hungry to connect with others that share their same values, interests, and desires. Social networks like Myspace, Facebook and others gained momentum and critical mass, and as a result they enabled developers to propose applications on their site and new standards like the Open Social have emerged. Open Social initiative will enable services to move more easily among social sites that are proliferating, and generally aims to make connections easier among all the networks. Social networks that address particular needs can probe to be very useful and valuable - and perfect for monetization. For our global internet, we are made up of small networks that have needs - needs that can be addressed by complimentary social networks.

Social networks are central to the understanding of most socio-economic phenomena in the modern world. The classical approach to studying them relies on a methodology that abstracts from their size and complexity. Social networks have pioneered online communities, allowing users to contribute to collective knowledge by tagging online resources. Tagging behavior increased dramatically between 2005 and 2007. Social networks that have different audiences often times require different types of updates. Think of it like dressing for the occasion--if you're going to play golf, you dress accordingly and discuss different topics than you would if you went to a business management conference.

Social networks and especially social bookmarking can be can be regarded as a feature of web search. Google was very successful because its the first search engine that introduced the number of web site linking to each web site to rank them. Social networks also play a key role in hiring, in business success, and in job performance. Networks provide ways for companies to gather information, deter competition, and collude in setting prices or policies. Social networks can be a great addition to our marketing toolboxes. Since I started actively using social networks (only a year and a half ago!), I've reconnected with old friends, and have gotten quite of bit of business that can be directly attributed to connections that were facilitated through these networks.

Social networks are the relationships that tie us together. Think about what happens when you meet someone new.

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