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Social Media Advertising

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Author: James Wanyama

Social Media Advertising is quite simply one of the best ways to reach your target audience. With millions of people using Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace you have access to a huge group of people all in one place at one time. Social media advertising is still an extremely young sector of the industry, and plenty of observers are wondering whether it will actually wor . Social media advertising is becoming more popular all the time in home based business marketing because it is a great way to reach a lot of people all over the world. There are many different social marketing types available such as, Wikipedia, YouTube, Digg, MySpace, and many others. Social media advertising is changing too. The next phase of social media is a gold mine of targeted niche demographics. Social media advertising is a great way to cheaply reach lots of potential customers. Don't forget most sites let you zero in on a specific city or area for your social media advertising. Social media advertising is an example of a highly measurable tactic that has yet to result in substantial ROI. Marketers that are obsessed with tracking social media results quantitatively, often miss the point. Social media advertising is an essential for any business trying to survive in this new web 2.0 world. As most internet users have one or another social network that they operate from. Social media advertising is a rising significant tool for marketing through internet medium. It has been proven to be a successful marketing tool with the emergence of various different social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, Hi5 and Twitter. Social media advertising is another option to advertise your business. MySpace and Facebook have recently launched their own self-service advertising platform. Social media advertising is now one of the fastest growing network around the globe. So many business are able to capitalize on this growing social outlet. Social media advertising is a fairly new phenomenon and we at AOL haven't really experimented with it in a big manner. I don't think brands can be built on a social media site. Social Media Advertising Council (SMAC) has an aim to create a set of standards for advertising on the social networking platforms . These standards would be quite similar to the standards that we have for other media platforms like print, radio or television. Social media advertising network SocialMedia.com launched Social Banners today, creating a new way (potentially) for blatant advertising to work within social media. Whether it will redefine the opportunities for targeted interaction and engaging social influence marketing is anyone's guess. Social media advertising is not for every business or organization. For instance, ComScore released the results of a survey last year on advertising effectiveness with various mediums and the responsiveness of consumers to that advertising. Social Media Advertising & Marketing is about building community networks on the Internet that allows for hyper-connectivity between individuals and content. The social media software enables anyone without knowledge of coding, to post, comment on, share or mash up content, and to form communities around shared interests.
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