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Search engines at a glance.

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Author: John Lee

Internet search engines are a place online where you can go to find out what else is online. When you need to know something or want to look something up, the best way to do it online is by going to an Internet search engine. Internet search engines are giant databases of words, compiled and maintained around the clock by small computer programs called spiders , bots , or robots . These programs seek out and randomly crawl web pages, indexing their contents as they go.

Site owners who rely on search engines for marketing are not always happy about that since it can take a significant amount of time to keep up with what's current. Of course, that's why some companies hire search engine optimization companies or consultants. Sites won't necessarily get a boost if your site validates. If you use standards then you are using techniques that helps the search engines find your content.

Search engines are frequently silent on their efforts to use and combine data. Their privacy policies may provide some guidance as to their intentions. Search engines are a bit like your school librarian. For instance, when your librarian reads a book to find out what it is about, a search engine will read web sites and web pages. Search engines are moving into the 'local' area, by offering tailored results and resources based on the physical location in which an enquirer happens to be. If we add mobile communication into the mix, the entire concept of search engines begins to take an interesting new twist.

Search engines are actually three separate tools in one. The spider is a program that crawls through the Web, moving from link to link, looking for new web pages. Search engines are the best tools to use when you are looking for very specific information or when your research topic has many facets. Usually when you need information on a very detailed or multifaceted subject, a search engine will give you not only more information, but also the most precise and up-to- date information possible. Search Engines are different from Indexes in the way they carry out a search. Search engines use a program called a spider.

Search engines are getting more precise down to an industry specialty and geographic focus, while also continuing to be easier to use. Search engines are programs specially designed to find information on the web and are helpful when conducting a search for a job site. Search engines are free to use and are operated by private companies. The quality varies, depending on how many and which websites they will search to find your words.

Meta search engines sift through results from major search engines. Each meta search engine has its own unique ranking algorithm which weights these results from other engines differently. Meta-search engines are tolerant of imprecise search terms or inexact use of operators, and tend to return fewer results, but with a greater degree of relevance. They're best to use when you've got a general search, and don't know where to start - by providing you results from a series of sites, they help you to determine where to continue focusing your efforts (if this proves necessary).

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