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Reflexology theory.

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Author: Terry Adams

Reflexology is a unique modality in the health field. Its purpose is not to treat or diagnose for any specific medical disorder, but to promote better health and well being in the same way as an exercise or diet program. Reflexology is a complementary therapy, which works on the feet to help heal the whole person not just the prevailing symptoms. Reflexology treatment helps our innate natural defence system to remain healthy and positive, helping to adjust any imbalances within the body. Reflexology treatment creates a relaxed state and can also be used in conjunction with orthodox medicine.

Reflexology provides a way of healing the body and promoting natural health. A reflexologist has a knowledge of how the body's reflexes correspond to your organs, glands and body parts. Reflexology is an excellent complement to traditional medical care. Reflexology is gaining more visibility and acceptance in medical settings. Reflexology has a history that goes back to ancient times in China, Japan, and Egypt. Reflexology has gained acceptance throughout the years as a legitimate form of alternative health care.

Reflexology pressure work was compared to electro-acupuncture work. This study is discussed in detail below. Reflexology is the study, science and art of using specific touch on reduced maps), very closely resembling the shape of the human body,found on the outer ears, hands and feet. According to Reflexology theory, an effect of the many stresses of the build up in various parts of our bodies,blockages also build up in the parts of the ears, hands, and feet that correspond to those stressed areas. Reflexologists Barbara and Kevin Kunz have developed this site to help educate reflexologists to the many issues facing reflexology. Over the years the Kunzes reflexology books, charts and newsletters have encourage interest in reflexology.

Reflexology technique applied to a reflex area reflecting a part of the brain activated that part of the brain. Researchers noted that few studies have been done mapping brain activation induced by massaging (applying reflexology stimulation to) specific reflex zones. Reflexology restores our connection with the earth by energizing the feet and bringing our awareness into them. Reflexology courses are specialized training sessions designed to teach the therapeutic hands-on techniques to relieve pain and stress or tension without direct contact with that specific area. Reflexology, also referred to as Zone Therapy, is a form of holistic alternative care implementing the use of massage and pressure point techniques to areas such as the hands, feet or ears to elicit a positive effect on other body parts.

Reflexology seems to be a variation of acupressure, with its notion that there are correspondences between special pressure points and the flow of chi to bodily organs. Polarity therapy, a variant of reflexology, replaces the yin and yang opposition with the positive/negative energy charges of the sides of the body (the right side is positively charged); massage allegedly restores the proper balance of energy. Reflexology is one of the fastest growing complementary therapies in the field of holistic health practices today. Spas all over the country, including those in our own valley, provide reflexology treatments to their clients as a standard service. Reflexology is recommended as a supplement to a primary therapy, and is rarely the main treatment for a condition. It is particularly useful for stress-related conditions, including headaches and digestive disorders.

Reflexology releases the blockage in those or similar channels to free up an increased supply of energy, thus improving health. Reflexologists work on these reflex points to break down the uric acid and calcium deposits in order to free the "energy flow" along the zones. This opens congested pathways, allowing blood supply to flush and eliminate the toxins from the body, thus restoring health. Reflexology is an ancient therapy that has been used by various peoples from all over the world for literally thousands of years. It was known in almost every different part of the world at one time or another, in one form or another, with all of them being very similar to each other.

Reflexologists view the reflexology chart as a representation of the body projected onto the foot. The fMRI study thus shows that stimuli applied to the representation of the body on the foot communicates with the representation of the body in the brain. Reflexology differs from simple massage. In reflexology, the manipulation and applied pressure to certain zones or areas of the feet acts to promote healing in remote areas of the body rather than just the area being massaged. Reflexology has had a reputation for many years for helping in this problem. When successful we would continue the reflexology, throughout the pregnancy, and after the birth.

Reflexology is a technique for stimulating the body's own natural healing response by applying pressure with the thumbs and fingers to reflex points in the feet and hands. Each reflex point corresponds to a particular part of the body, including organs and glands. Reflexology is the art and skill of applying pressure and / or massage to specific areas of the feet called reflex points in order to affect health and vitality. These points correspond to different parts of the body.

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