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Author: Barnam Julls

Reflexology has been found to be particularly useful for patients suffering from stress and anxiety. In January 1990 tests were carried out by a group of nurses in a NHS hospital. Reflexology is a deeply healing form of bodywork. Its effects on practitioner and client alike are very powerful and far-reaching. Reflexology is based on the unsubstantiated belief that each part of each foot is a mirror site for a part of the body. The big toe, for example, is considered a reflex area for the head.

Reflexology can treat this problem because it is working on the endocrine system to bring the body into natural equilibrium. During a typical treatment, I will focus on the reflexes of the pituitary gland, thyroid,uterus and ovary to help hormonal balance and increase the chances of conception. Reflexology as a natural healing art has a very real beauty. Its beauty emanates from its essential simplicity juxtaposed with its effective potency as a therapy. Reflexology is a simple, effective, natural way to help overcome many common illnesses and ailments and enjoy a life of better health. I discovered Reflexology's remarkable effectiveness when it helped my young son recover from a chronic, debilitating medical problem that was unrelieved by any of the other medical treatments available.

Reflexology schools instruct this therapeutic technique whereby pressure is applied to specific reflex areas. Through practical training at one of many reflexology schools, students are taught to reduce stress by using thumb, finger and hand methods. Reflexology is a science dealing with reflexes in the feet and hands that relate to every part of the body. Most people are unaware that our feet have over 7,200 nerve endings in each foot. Reflexology dramatically improves health. It can relax, energize, balance, and positively affect every body .

Reflexology can assist in natural healing, and has benefits that improve digestion, better sleep, reduced back and neck pain as well as an overall sense of relaxation. Some specific conditions can be targeted and assisted with reflexology. Reflexology is based on the theory that reflex points, located in the feet or hands, are linked to various organs and parts of the body. According to this theory, stimulation of these points is thought to affect the connected organ or body part. Reflexology is considered to be in the ever-growing family of natural, or alternative medicine. Essentially, reflexology is a science that maps out the reflexes to the entire, or whole human body on the feet and/or the hands.

Reflexology can help relax the client and is believed to stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms. Usually a treatment session lasts for about one hour. Reflexology is a complementary, non-invasive therapy using a gentle but firm pressure to stimulate reflex areas found in the hands and feet. Approximately 7,200 nerve endings form these reflex areas which correspond to every part of the body, it is these reflexes that are worked on during a session. Reflexology involves the use of thumb and finger techniques to apply alternating pressure to reflexes found on the feet, hands and outer ears. Reflexology benefits the whole body and is an excellent antidote to stress and stress related conditions.

Reflexology appears to mislead unsophisticated practitioners and clients into believing it has value for the same reasons that fortune tellers and their clients are fooled into believing that their methods work. Like the fortune tellers, reflexologists go on a multiple-choice fishing expedition in which they elicit information from a client using a technique similar to the parlor game of "twenty questions.".The practitioner does what the words of an old song says, they, "accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on the affirmative, and don't mess with Mr. Reflexology is massage of the feet that aims to promote healing in other areas of the body. It is based on the principle that each part of the foot corresponds to a structure or organ. Reflexology as we know it today was first researched and developed by Eunice Ingham, the pioneer of this field. Her first book on the subject was published in 1938.

Reflexology is suitable for acute and chronic conditions, stress related conditions and as preventative therapy. Reflexology should be part of a comprehensive health care plan, Harle says. Some people with certain side effects of cancer or cancer treatment, including lymphedema and neuropathy, should avoid reflexology.

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