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Pressure points

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Author: Maria Boy

Pressure points are used in massage therapy, Acupuncture , self defense, and for the control of bleeding. Pressure points not only hurt, but they can prevent you from ever reaching the deepest stages of sleep (Stages 3 and 4) that are most healing and restorative. You wake up tired and sore, and the loss of deep sleep over consecutive nights or weeks can weaken your immune system. Pressure points of the leg can be used to immobilize, distract an opponent, or, if required, to seriously damage the leg or knee of the enemy. Kicking the back of the thigh just below the buttocks immobilizes the leg.

Pressure points are naturally sensitive and feel to the mother like you are touching a bruise. Try the spot several times with varying pressure to find it. Pressure points are specific areas on the body where concentrations of nerves are relatively exposed. Many of these points correspond with acupuncture points used in Chinese medicine and are linked to the body's nervous system and 14 meridians, or pathways that carry energy to vital organs. Pressure points are places on the human body where a small amount of pressure can be applied to bring about dramatic effects. An Oriental doctor or homeopathic remedy devotee might say that they are places where nerves , veins or chi bundle up under the skin, subjecting them to manipulation.

Pressure points are used by martial artists to cause pain or compliance in their opponents. They are also utilized in therapy and by masseuses. Pressure Point plays all of their music live, with no computer generated back ground tracks with phony horns or fake pianos. Find out why event planners throughout the Northwest refer Pressure Point to their most valued clients. Pressure Point lyrics in KOvideo are property of respective authors, artists and labels. If you want to use these lyrics, please contact the authors, artists or labs.

Pressure point manipulation is believed to cure a long list of ailments. Back pain is usually among the most commonly referenced since it is so wide spread. Pressure Point is also a turning point in Blake's leadership. Up until now, Blake has managed to take his fellow crewmembers' opinions into consideration, even during a shaky wobble in Shadow.

Acupuncture , a branch of ancient Chinese medicine, teaches that the body has points in which energy accumulates and gets bottled up. These points are believed to be located primarily on the face and ears. Acupuncture is the best known use of the meridian system. Traditional Chinese medicine practices are largely based on the idea that meridians are specific pathway lines in the human body, along which are found many hundreds of acupressure points.

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