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Personal care

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Author: Emma Broad

Personal care is defined by the HART as including the following 'domains': clothing, hygiene, nutrition, mobility, safety, residence, supports. Personal care is the bedrock of LTC services. It needs to be available around the clock every day of the week. Personal care is not something which can be viewed as a desirable consumer good in itself. To use another example, just because expensive open heart surgery is available on the NHS does not mean that people are claiming it as a right - they get it when their doctor deems they need it as a result of an exceptional medical condition.

Personal care is important to all of us. It affects how we feel about ourselves and how other people react to us. Personal care is not defined as nursing care. Personal care is provided to support older persons and those recently discharged from hospital to care for themselves at home. Home Help is assisting the same groups with looking after their homes to a standard which they would normally manage if they were able to do this work themselves.

Personal care workers, on the other hand, provide the kinds of services that invite not only questions about their professional qualifications, but personal characteristics, as they will be intimately working with your loved one. Personal care services can include help with bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and feeding. Personal Care Assistance provides aid to nearly 17,000 disabled and incapacitated Minnesotans at a cost of about $400 million a year. That cost has more than doubled in the last five years, and the auditor said the program may be out of control. Perfumes: essential oils provide non-toxic fragrances that can be used to scent shampoo, bath soaks, or even, in the case of peppermint, to flavour toothpaste.

Natural unrefined oils and waxes are used as emollients and moisturizers, instead of hydrogenated oils and synthetic silicones. Traditional natural simple soaps are used in hand and body washes, instead of modern synthetic surfactants usually made in part with petrochemicals. Natural personal care market achieves great leaps in turnover The trend towards natural personal care is continuing undiminished, each year worldwide turnover increases by 1 billion US Dollars and is currently estimated at around 7 billion US Dollars. As is the case with organic foodstuffs, the demand is concentrated on Europe and North America. Natural personal care products are being boosted by flourishing organic food and health products, and are more .

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