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Open University

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Author: Jane Brooks

Open University is an organization that provides chargeable university level education for anyone interested regardless of educational background or age. Teaching is arranged during evenings and weekends, so that as many students as possible are able to participate. Open University is not available to matriculated students (those officially admitted to and eligible to register at HSU during the current semester or the previous semester). If you plan to apply for admission to the University, be sure to check with the Office of the Registrar prior to enrolling in Open University classes.

Studies can, however, be incorporated into a university degree if the student is later admitted to pursue degree studies. Studies are part-time and general in nature. The goals may vary: improving general knowledge, upgrading one's basic education or self-development.

Course-based television broadcasts by the BBC, which started on 3 January 1971, ceased on 15 December 2006. Materials are composed of originally-authored work by in-house and external academic contributors, and from third-party materials licensed for use by OU students. Courses may also be delivered by distance education technology such as the Internet or interactive televised instruction. Courses can take place over one day, for which teachers will be released from teaching, or for longer periods. Sabbatical years are possible.

Courses are available 24 x 7 for access at your convenience. Courses with prerequisites are listed as such in the current university catalog . It is important that you meet the academic prerequisites for the course of your choice. Courses were developed according to principles of student-centred learning�almost before such a phrase existed. IET members work with course teams to advise on appropriate pedagaogic principles and on course design, a dialectic between innovative course goals together with innovative multimedia course presentation and continuous philosophy of student-centred learning; as pedagogic experts, they sit on lecturer appointments boards to ensure that appointments are made on the basis of teaching as well as research calibre and potential.

OpenLearn is an opportunity for informal study - in your own time access materials in areas familiar or new to you, without the pressure of keeping to a timetable or sitting exams. Instead, assess your own progress by keeping an online learning journal, discussing the topics with other online learners in forums and completing self assessment exercises where you control when the answer is revealed. Openlearn combines open content with open source software, allowing users to adapt openlearn resources to their own needs and culture. It provides the opportunity for people to work together via the internet to co-modify, co-produce, test, and retest material, generating a cycle of rapid continuous improvement and a global repository of open educational resources.

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