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Online video streaming

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Author: Binam

Online video streaming reflects professionalism and it is more versatile than other form of online presentations. It is the technique to transmit video data over Internet for real-time viewing. Online video services, such as Youtube, have become very popular in the recent years, mostly thanks to user generated content as well as because of music videos. However, recently major Hollywood studios started to offer watching their movies via the Internet as well. Online video is used for a range of purposes including e-commerce, community video sharing, news streaming and in many other specialized video markets.

Video streaming over wireless networks faces challenges of time-varying packet loss rate and fluctuating bandwidth. In this paper, we focus on streaming precoded video that is both source and channel coded. Video streaming is a means of delivering a live course to students by computer. Using a computer, students may participate from any location; however, the course is live and does meet at specific class times. Video streaming is not beyond the reach of today's hardware, requiring just a few kilobytes/second upload bandwidth, a cheap FireWire digital video camera, a standard PC plus a FireWire port, a copy of Linux and something worth broadcasting! We hope in future years to be able to repeat the experiment at future IWMWs, using a dedicated laptop.

Video streaming is now a mature technology which is particularly suited to serving relatively small numbers of simultaneous users in widely spread-out locations across the globe. To this end, many a corporation uses streaming for improving their communication with staff, clients and business partners. Video streaming is basically a sequence of images that are in motion which are sent over the internet in compressed form and are viewed by the user as they arrive. Media streaming is just video streaming with audio functionality. Video streaming is more commonly associated with 3G mobile video, but it is also possible to stream video over 2.5G networks. The Yamgo mobile video player provides a demonstration of what is possible and works on Java and Symbian mobile devices.

Video streaming is the delivery of video and audio over the web. Video files are accessed via a link on a web page. Video streaming is most popular with individuals under the age of thirty who are comfortable on the internet and watching video on the computer. There are simple ways to transfer video to the television, but many streaming video subscribers watch their movies or shows directly on the computer. Video streaming is a collaborative effort between the video server and the client software to receive and assemble a video in which all data bits play smoothly, in progressive frame order.

Video streaming is the process of watching a video file over the Internet while it is still being transferred. This is similar to downloading a file. Video streaming is a technology which allows you to watch live video and pre-recorded video with minimal wait for download time. Conventional video on PCs required downloading that the entire video file be downloaded to your computer before the video would start. Video streaming is effective and catches the attention of the individuals that are watching the tv whether they mean to or not. Some people are able to watch commercials without focusing on them too much, until a particular commercial catches their eye.

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