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Online advertising is

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Author: Minnie Smart

Online advertising is

Online Advertising is quickly becoming efficient much faster than the product supply chain did over the last 50 years. Online advertising is the ideal medium for seasonal advertising because the results are virtually instantaneous and the messaging is easily adaptable. Once you determine your peak periods of interest, you can allocate a larger budget to times when demand is higher and use specific ad messaging for your peak season. Because online advertising is a new frontier, marketers often find themselves crossing ethical boundaries for users. Email advertising led to spam, or unsolicited email, which has almost ruined the email experience for many people.

The beauty of the online advertising is that you only pay for the number of visits your advertisement generates, and you can accurately measure the results of your efforts dollar for dollar, click for click. Online advertising gives you guaranteed traffic from other sites and increased prominence in search engines. One place Glueck sees a lot of hope for online advertising is the blurring line between publishers and ecommerce sites. Amazon is not traditionally thought of as a publisher, but 30 percent of its revenue comes from other sellers that use the Amazon check-out service. Online advertising is also very flexible and latest updates and modifications can be updated with minimum fuss and minimum efforts. Also online advertisement has no time constrains as that of the TV commercials.

Another reason for optimism, says Mr Rothenberg, is that online advertising is making obsolete the old distinction between marketing spending "above the line" and "below" it. In the jargon, above-the-line spending drives brand "awareness" (probably on television) or "consideration" by a consumer planning a purchase (probably in a newspaper). It not the way online advertising is supposed to work. The search box is right below for you to try it. Casualties of this marketing massacre are near-universal, though online advertising is - to some extent - holding out the daunting onslaught like the desperate soldiers at Rourke's Drift. In such a dire landscape, the possibilities for SMEs to launch any sort of advertising campaign, when even the large multi-nationals are decimating their marketing budgets, seem ludicrous.

This form of online advertising is effective in a subtle, yet effective way. It works like this. The shift has begun, however, and local online advertising is gaining ground. The question is, will the national-local split be 50-50 for online, or will the Internet with its vast networking capabilities be more conducive to national advertising? Online advertising is receiving a lot of bad press lately about its effectiveness but also it is immediately, easily measurable ? Online ads complete the prospect inquiry/customer buy cycle in one seamless transaction.

Either way, online advertising is hurting and seeing not just slowing growth, but actual dollar declines. Without a pickup in the general economy, online advertising will continue to sputter. Online advertising is an extremely cost effective way of generating highly qualified sales leads and targeted visitors to your website. One of the main benefits that online advertising has over more traditional forms of advertising is that the results are measurable as you are able to track the responses to your advert all the way through to customer engagement or sale. The added complication in relation to online advertising is that the adverts may be accessible outside of the UK. Care should be taken when drafting adverts which could be accessed by customers in different countries.

Jon Gibs, VP, Media Analytics of Nielsen Online took his three-minute panel slot to do a rant about how online advertising is broken. He's right. Online Advertising is on a major growth curve. For instance: online advertising is expected to grow 12.3% in 2008, but much of that money will be spent on companies. That's not good news for advertising agencies, said Chuck Richard, Outsell's lead analyst.

Given that online advertising is the sole engine powering the entire Web 2.0 microeconomy, any significant sputter would have wide implications.

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