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Nursing is many things to many people

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Author: Dan

Nursing is

Nursing is often considered the cornerstone that maintains the different aspects of the health service together. Linking with other healthcare workers is important in providing an agreed multidisciplinary approach to ensure the best possible care and avoid confusion for the patient. Nursing is an art and a science that promotes human betterment and is based on theories, clinical practice and research. Nursing utilizes clinical judgment to give direction to nursing actions that promote health, prevent disease, or restore and rehabilitate health. Nursing is delivered through the nursing process with the goal of adaptation.

Nursing is many things to many people. Most universally agreed upon is that Nursing is a science involving people, environment and process fueled by a vision of transcendence in the context of healthcare. Nursing is a rewarding career that lets you help your fellow man while making a very good salary and is perfect if you love to help people and are compassionate and caring. There are many reasons why nursing is the perfect career today and they include: demand, population, and salary. Nursing is an art and a science through which nurses provide caring assistance to persons within society. Nurses seek to promote, restore, and maintain health, and when death is imminent, to provide support that will allow the person to die with dignity.

Nursing is founded on the premise that human beings have dignity, are worthy of respect and have individual rights, responsibilities, needs and beliefs. However, nursing is not confined to boundaries of alleviating sickness and suffering but is also concerned with the whole person and the promotion of health and wellness in individuals. Nursing is the extension and science of human interactions related to the health needs of people and society. We believe that nursing is the human science of caring whereby caring is the nurturing energy present in empowering relationships. Nursing is my life.

Nursing is a profession concerned with the total health care of the individual and the family. This total care includes the physical, psychological, sociocultural and environmental problems as they relate to daily life. Nursing is both a practice discipline and a profession. A fundamental part of nursing is concerned with concepts, categories, and classification systems. Nursing is concerned with human experience, behavior, feelings, and the influence of social forces resulting from interaction with the internal and external environment. Nursing's scope of practice encompasses autonomous and collaborative care of individuals of all ages, families, groups and communities, sick or well and in all settings.

Nursing is a discipline that routinely addresses pa-tient care and is concerned with the behavior and adjustment or coping of individuals and families. There are varying levels of nursing certification and practitioners are sent out at undergraduate and graduate levels. Nursing is an embodied practice, transcending time and space -- that is, always there -- and traversing boundaries usually considered relatively impermeable and even inviolable. Nurses stand in between patients -- and illness, medicine, and health care systems -- as mediators, buffers, translators, facilitators, and cultural brokers. Nursing is one of the most rewarding and challenging careers you can choose. You will have the opportunity to help people every day while working with the latest technology and best working conditions available.

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