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Nurses are

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Nurses are

Nurses are science professionals who save lives and improve outcomes through their independent assessments and interventions. Nurses are an integral part of that team. Nurses are like teachers. Everybody agrees there are shortages and that we need them.

Nurses are the largest component of the health care workforce. Over 90 percent of this population are actively working in the state. Nurses are fifth among the ten most sought occupations, which also include computer systems analysts and designers, mechanical engineers, medical doctors, accountants, cooks, waiters, protective service workers, bricklayers and stonemasons, and carpenters and joiners. Nurses are exposed daily to many other hazards, including infectious diseases, radiation, and allergic reactions to latex gloves. They suffer back injuries and falls when the job calls for them to move and handle patients, often alone.

Nurses are pivotal in ensuring that patients have safe, high-quality health care. If not for the critical thinking, monitoring, and surveillance that are inherent in nursing, we would have even more errors and poorer patient outcomes. Nurses are key members of the health care team and play a pivotal role in the delivery of quality health services. Since its establishment in 1973, Jhpiego has trained over 15,000 nurses in 101 countries. Nurses are obligated to spend a great deal of time in nonpatient care, Knees says. Nurses have to know what to write based on what you can charge patients.

Nurses are in prime positions to help pinpoint inefficient work processes that could contribute to errors, identify causes of nursing staff turnover, and determine appropriate staff levels for each unit. Nurses are highly regarded for their medical background, investigative abilities and documentation skills that they bring to this position. If working out of the coroner's office, they typically can work scheduled time in the office as well as taking on call time. Nurses are required to perform extended duties in the specialist areas of orthodontics, radiography, sedation, implantology, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics and special care in specialist practices. See box (below) for further details.

Nurses may be licensed in more than one State, either by examination or by the endorsement of a license issued by another State. The Nurse Licensure Compact Agreement allows a nurse who is licensed and permanently resides in one of the member States to practice in the other member States without obtaining additional licensure. Nurses aren't as overtly engaged in explorations of juvenalia than any of those aforementioned acts (despite the "Pythagoras Switch" samples that bookend the title track), but Apple's Acre never feels too far removed from their psych-pop progenitors and peers.

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