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Nelson Mandela and Apartheid

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Author: John Kani

Nelson Mandela is one of the most respected people in the world. For countless reasons he is a huge hero. Nelson Mandela is free from prison but not from debt. President Mandela and all of the people of southern Africa are paying the cost of keeping him in prison. Nelson Mandela is a great man and most people will react positively to something his Foundation is doing. We especially need to educate the youth.

Nelson Mandela is unique and incomparable and few in the recorded history of the world even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as him. Obama still has to prove himself as president and he certainly has done nothing for his country yet aside from giving them HOPE. Nelson Mandela is up by 4.30am, irrespective of how late he has worked the previous evening. By 5am he has begun his exercise routine that lasts at least an hour. Nelson Mandela is a real fighter, he made the impossible to possible. At that time, he dared to make the change.

Nelson Mandela is a South African citizen who chose to place his private resentment of the existing Apartheid regime above the welfare of his country. He actively campaigned to replace a regime that gave order and wealth, with a regime that could only ever supply anarchy and poverty. Nelson Mandela is a symbol of hope to the wretched of the earth, and revered all over the world as a shining example of what the best of humanity can achieve against the forces of darkness and degradation.

Apartheid effectively became a platform of both Afrikaner affirmative action to protect the interest of the Afrikaners and a doctrine of racial segregation described as separateness. Apartheid, the terrible, and often violent, institutionalized racism that for so long held South African society in its grip, was not an easy policy to fight against--especially since he was oppressed within the system. Mandela understands what it means to fight against enormous odds; he went to prison for nearly three decades for his work, because he knew there was no alternative. Apartheid stirs hatred and frustration among people. Young people, who should be in school or learning a trade, roam the streets, join gangs and wreak their revenge on the society that confronts them with only the dead-end alley of crime or poverty.

Black South Africans were completely excluded from meaningful political participation and violently attacked by the government. WTF other option did they have? Blacks have been begging since forever. The whites also complain about affirmative action.

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