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Mysql and how it works.

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The Key to Google's Back Door.

Author: Baki


Mysql can construct queries that can join tables from different databases. Supports both left and right outer joins using both ANSI and ODBC syntax. MySQL is an SQL based relational database management system (DBMS) that runs under a broad array of operating systems. The SQL commands discussed in this tutorial apply to MySQL operating under all operating systems. MySQL provides some tools to monitor and troubleshoot a MySQL server, but they don't always suit a MySQL developer or administrator's common needs, or may not work in some scenarios, such as remote or over-the-web monitoring. Fortunately, the MySQL community has created a variety of free tools to fill the gaps.

MySQL was built for speed. The core of the MySQL engine is very small and streamlined, and the default table type (a modified ISAM table) was designed specifically for running SELECTs quickly. MySQL gets it right most of the time and when it doesn't it is usually because of a bad scheme or poorly written query. MySQL is especially popular among developers for offering a convenient environment for the creation and development of wide range of web solutions and applications. MySQL databases are also very quickly and easily customizable, offering multi-storage engine architecture, high flexibility and a simpler database management system.

MySQL is a very good DB but does not have the parallelization and replication features of an Oracle. Sun has the ability to do this given their deep technical roots. MySQL grew with LAMP and MySQL without LAMP at its core is simply unimaginable . It was MySQLs part of LAMP that interested Sun in the first place. MySQL can be installed as a Service (automatic or manual start-up) or started as a standalone console application. The MySQL server can be configured to listen (and communicate) on all interfaces (, the loopback (, or any other address.

MySQL is used in a lot of Web 2.0 related companies, including Google! MySQL is running on another machine identified as mysql1.myDomain.com and Dreamweaver is running on a local workstation. FTP is used to transfer files between the workstation and the Linux web server. MySQL Designer is a webbased database editor for the popular MySQL database server. On site is also a live demo of the application, making it possible to try it out without having to download and install.

MySQL manual claims that MySQL will soon implement "atomic operations" through the use of table locks, but without rollback . This is a blatant misuse of the term "atomic," which implies that either none or all operations will complete. MySQL Connector/J enters the MySQL product family with many improvements that have been requested by the Open Source community. The driver is now 50-100 percent faster in most situations than the previous version. MySQL has a demonstrated capacity for managing very large databases. Sabre Holdings runs the oldest and largest online travel reservation system.

MySQL was having problems even before the Sun acquistion shook the community. In it's effort to help the product "grow up" and cater both to enterprise users (which means adding more functionality) and newer, less sophisticated users (which means making things more friendly and approachable-and building more tools), the team seemed to lose direction and ended up being spread too thin. MySQL is used in over 4 million installations all over the world. It is licensed under both GNU GPL (General Public License) and commercial licenses, depending upon what level of support that you require. MySQL is not released under a full GPL free license, but for some applications, like intranets, it is free to use. For most users, a $200 license will have to be purchased.

MySQL is growing like crazy. Oracle is for older, legacy applications. MySQL is the world's most popular open source database, sporting a barrier of entry low enough to attract novice developers yet powerful enough to power some of the world's most popular websites, among them Yahoo!, BBC News, the U.S. This reference card was created to help you quickly navigate some of MySQL's most popular features.

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