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Author: Janet Brown

Lockerbie is situated on the A74(M), which gives easy access to Edinburgh, Glasgow and the north and also to Carlisle, the Lake District and the south. The town also possesses a busy railway station on the main Glasgow to London line. Lockerbie is in a unique position: although the station is within the ScotRail franchise, currently operated by First ScotRail , no services operated by First ScotRail stop there. The station is manned by ScotRail staff, and I want to use this opportunity to pay tribute to their professionalism and dedication, which is much appreciated by all my constituents who use the station. Lockerbie is a town in the Dumfries and Galloway region of south-western Scotland. It is situated approximately 75 miles from Glasgow and 20 miles from the English border. Lockerbie is on the inter-city route from London to Glasgow. Lockerbie is also a part of the Emergent Church conversation. Lockerbie is one of our most important historic districts and it deserves more than what has been described by any developer. The Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission only concerns themselves with the exterior of the buildings so the interior work can destroy the historic character and still get their approval. Lockerbie is particularly proud of its fundraising activities and it was the world's leading school to raise funds for the leprosy charity LEPRA in 2000, thanks to the efforts of S6. It offers a 'very varied' extra-curricular programme of sporting and non-sporting activities. Lockerbie is a symptom of a general malaise in the arts world in Scotland. Like the once light-hearted Fringe, the Book Festival has now become a dark-spirited, commercial behemoth without the media clout which the arguably inferior Hay-on-Wye festival wields through its connection with the web savvy and marketing spot on Guardian. Lockerbie is Arla Foods' newest UK dairy, it opened in December 2005 and is the result of an 18 million investment. Our 130 strong team is in the driving seat producing whole, semi and skimmed milk in a 24/7 operation. Lockerbie is a great base for fishing. Salmon and trout catches in the River Annan provide good sport and excellent value for money. Lockerbie is 4 miles distant and Dumfries 11 miles. Both Lockerbie and Dumfries have an extensive range of shops, leisure and retail services. Lockerbie Manor is an important establishment within Lockerbie, in the past having owned most of the land and housing within the village mainly through the Johnstone Baronets and Douglas family. Like much of Lockerbie this Georgian house is built of old red sandstone and contains approx. Lockerbie still seems to be claiming victims and generating controversy, seemingly without end. Last week Megrahi was convicted of the 270 murders by a Scottish court sitting in the Netherlands. Lockerbie investigators showed little interest in the Semtex at the time, Grech says - and appropriately, he adds, since in his view there is no evidence whatever linking that found explosive to the Lockerbie bombing or the Libyan defendants. Lockerbie Square is historically significant for a number of reasons. It is the oldest surviving neighborhood in Indianapolis where many immigrants first settled and built houses. Former Libyan intelligence officer, Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi, is currently serving 27 years in Greenock prison for the bombing. There is little closure for the people of Lockerbie: al-Megrahi protests his innocence and is appealing the conviction, and the sense of loss is one that will take generations to heal. Former ICC chief, Malcolm Speed, puts it this way: "We have seen numerous sporting organisations in various states of disarray throughout our period of involvement as sports administrators. We have never seen a sporting organisation that combines such great potential and such poor administration as USACA. Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill has to decide whether to release Megrahi, who is reportedly dying from prostate cancer, on compassionate grounds. And a difficult choice it seems to be for Kenny - either infuriate the Americans and most of the relatives or alienate the appeasers of Islam. He seems to be taking his time thinking it over - I wonder if he's worried in case the bloke makes a miraculous recovery once in Libya - or is he hoping nature will take its course quickly and get him off the hook before he has to make a final decision? Scottish and American prosecutors say they have no doubt about the guilt of the two Libyans charged in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. Yet, as in other case involving international relations and terrorism, there is a host of alternative theories.
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