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Author: Joe Murphy

Legoland is a fun and unique place to go. It is similar to other theme parks in general, but offers it in a completely different genre. Legoland is about the same distance by car or pick up a shuttle bus from Windsor. Windsor Castle is open all year round, but with restricted access when the Queen is in residence. Legoland is very much a family park. This, perhaps, is why some visitors may find the rides a little tame.

Legoland is great around holidays when they have special attractions. Legoland discounts are widely available online and through Costco, look for a good deal before heading to the park. Legoland isn't full of older, drugged-up kids whooping it up on skyscraper-sized twisters; Legoland is great for five-year-olds. Expensive but accessible, Legoland is a rite of passage. Legoland is great for younger children but I'd say once they get past 8 there's not much to keep them entertained. Mine loved it when they were small.

Legoland is perfect for little kids. I liked it so much I wrote a book about it! Legoland is based on a different premise. At this amusement park in Carlsbad, one hour south of Anaheim, the emphasis is on simple child pleasures: building, imagining, jumping, running, playing, laughing. Legoland is the kind of major and unique destination-entertainment attraction that was on the early wish lists of Destiny USA. But as the years go by, these facilities land elsewhere.

Legoland is very west of London, in Windsor, and the O2 is in the Docklands area of London, in the east. Heathrow is closest to Windsor, but being a larger airport will take longer to . Legoland is a display of amazing structures built all of legos. I would go on a weekday because the lines are shorter and there are less kids for older adults.

LEGOLAND offers an exhaustive array of attractions themed around the universally loved Lego. Opened in Windsor in 1996 using no less than 25 million Lego bricks in its construction, it has become one of the most visited attractions in the country. Legoland certainly has lived up to the pre-opening hype. On any given summer weekend day, you're likely to see as many as 10,000 people enjoying the 128-acre park. Lego women sometimes wear hair instead of a hat. The hair goes just like the hat.

LEGOLAND does all that and more for you. Combining simple gameplay and LEGOish graphics, this game, and the others from LEGOmedia, provide that for you. Legoland is more about the LEGOs than the rides for sure. Always enjoy the Knights show while eating the really good ice cream from the shop nearby. LEGOLAND also has a full time employee who focuses solely on the recycling for the Park. This employee separates all recyclables which didn't quite make it into the right bin so that the park can maximize its recycling materials.

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