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Learn about Kenya.

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Author: John Lee

kenya is

Kenya is not Rwanda, and reports of a "majority" and "minority" tribe engaged in a struggle to the death are widely off the mark. In reality, all of Kenya's leaders know that in order to govern the country they must put together a coalition of interest groups from many regions. Kenya is situated right along the equator, on the eastern coast of the African continent. Its coastal region is on the southeast, and to the east lies Somalia. Kenya is located in the eastern part of Africa. It has an area of about 150,000 square kilometers.

Kenya is usually described by the media as a strategic ally, whose stability is vital to U.S. That is pretty much overblown hype. Kenya is Africa's premier safari destination and the Mara is the jewel in the crown. The Masai Mara has abundant wildlife in a relatively small area. Kenya is arguably one of the world's best all around travel destinations, offering a range of possibilities that many other countries could only dream about offering.

Kenya is the clear winner. Kenya was created by volcanic forces, but on Mt. Kenya is trying to lead the way. Besides the Turkana project, which is being backed by the African Development Bank, private investors have proposed establishing a second windfarm near Naivasha, the well-known tourist town. Kenya is a truly magnificent African country with its vast wildlife national reserves, awesome landscapes, beautiful beaches and friendly countrymen. Kenyans are very proud of their country, and are known to be very welcoming and warm people.

Kenya is also moving strongly into industrial agricultural production. Foreign investment and sales focus on relatively new sectors such as cut flowers, selected green vegetables and pharmaceutical crops, and there is interest in diversification into new and alternative plantation crops that show potential. Kenya is already witnessing the meeting disappearance of the glaciers on Mt. The country relies on water supplies from Mt. Kenya is a majestic and diverse land - it is home to spectacular landscapes, abundant wildlife and the true safari experience. In Swahili the word safari literally means 'journey' and a Kenyan holiday will truly be the journey of a lifetime.

Kenya is the East African powerhouse of the coffee world. Both in the cup, and the way they run their trade, everything is topnotch. Kenya is also diverse culturally, containing a rich mosaic of ethnic groups and languages, mixed with European and Asian influences. While the majority of Kenyans earn a living through agriculture, other industries include consumer goods manufacturing, oil refining, and tourism. Kenya is a diverse country though; away from the safari parks, there are regions where your holiday home is surrounded by forest and beautiful fauna. And for those looking for a more cosmopolitan holiday rental, there are areas full of business centers and urban luxuries.

Kenya is even more in focus today with the possibility that Senator Barack Obama, whose father came from Kenya, could be the next U.S. Obama's ascendancy has generated interest in his roots, from people in the U.S. Kenya is home to over 50 different ethnic tribes, all with their own languages, cultures and customs. Regarded by many as the 'jewel of East Africa', Kenya also has some of Africa's best beaches, scenic countryside and a sophisticated tourist infrastructure. Kenya is named after a mountain of the same name. The Kikuyu people who lived around present day Mt Kenya referred to it as Kirinyaga or Kerenyaga, meaning 'mountain of whiteness' because of its snow capped peak.

Kenya is the biggest supplier of students from East Africa attending UK universities. More private schools are entering the market and offer an international curriculum, which includes A-levels and IB (International Baccalaureate), with many students aiming for study opportunities abroad. Kenya is a signatory to the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (VCCR), and is required by the VCCR to ask any detained American citizen if he/she would like the U.S. Embassy to be notified and to notify the U.S. Kenya is located in a region known as East Africa. It lies on the equator and borders Lake Victoria to the west and the Indian Ocean on the east.

Kenya is mature for investment in IT industries and related services. Such investment would take advantage of the huge pool of IT experts and professionals in this country who are globally competitive. Kenya is not a homogenous country ethnicity wise. The make-up of Kenyans is primarily that of 13 ethnic groups with an additional 27 smaller groups. Kenya is a large country (582,646 km) where the from the coast on the Indian Ocean the Low plains rise to central highlands. The highlands are bisected by the Great Rift Valley; a fertile plateau in the east.

Kenya is a land of contrast and diverse cultures. It is the gateway to Africa's major trading blocks like COMESA and EAC. Kenya is one of the first beneficiaries of "Operation Monogram," the British government's counter-terrorism training and equipment foreign assistance program, because it shares a border with war-torn Somalia and because of its own experience of terrorist attacks. Research by Human Rights Watch has now provided hard evidence of abuses by Kenyan security forces that received British training.

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