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Author: Isac Binn

Online gaming is also growing very fast and people expect it to be another $10 billion industry. Of course, you have the mobile gaming industry. Online gaming is a social activity where anyone can be anything they want, and people are free to explore new ideas and to meet new people. By limiting or even removing the ability to take part in, much less discuss at all, same sex relationships, we're putting an artificial barrier on expression and open communication. Online gaming is a new era of technology in the modern world. It`s a mechanism of connecting people together in a game play purely for entertainment.

Online gaming is enjoying increasing popularity among consumers but it can be 'bandwidth-hungry'. This means that regular online gamers could use up their monthly bandwidth caps - if they have caps - much more quickly. Online gaming is really coming on strong in Asia, and Gigamedia is well positioned to capitalize on the trend. FunTown and T2CN continue to perform well. Online gaming is potentially addictive although the number of people who are truly addicted is small. In my research I have only come across a handful of people who I would genuinely call addicts.

Online gaming is about gaming with other people. Anything that limits this is poison that will shorten the life of any online game. Online gaming is no longer the sole domain of PCs. Bell Internet also opens up the wonderful world of online gaming to consoles so you can challenge opponents from all over the world to your favourite Microsoft Xbox 360™, Sony PlayStation�3 and Nintendo Wii™ games. Online gaming is a growing pastime, so there are always those who are interesting in giving it a try, but have no idea where to start. Figuring out which games are the best fit for your purposes can be a daunting task.

Online gaming is very popular in Asia too, but Asia is dominated by its local players and represents a different industry landscape," he said. Online poker can't really be lumped in with blackjack or slots. With poker you're not playing against the house and there's much more skill involved. Online games, including MMOGs, casual games, and free-to-play virtual worlds, had a bigger draw even that social networking sites or YouTube. Some 34% of US internet consumers played online games at least once a week in the second quarter of 2007.

Online gaming is also growing very fast and people expect it to be another $10 billion industry. Of course, you have the mobile gaming industry.

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