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Jomo Kenyatta

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Author: Geogina Bolts

Kenya's capital city Nairobi is host to a mix of people, places and sights that could easily entice any traveler. Most travelers end up booking flights to Nairobi as a stop on their way to a Kenya safari. Kenyatta guided his nation for fourteen years. Although there were several scandals, and he was supposed to have amassed a large fortune, the people of Kenya remained loyal to him and grateful for the lifetime of devotion he had given to the cause of their freedom. Kenya, for its part, had forty different tribes that spoke various dialects, which would have to be amalgamated into a nation with a common identity upon gaining independence. Israel's advice could be helpful in avoiding mistakes.

Kenyan political leader Jomo Kenyatta lifts the spirits of his people. Leader of the Kenya African National Union, Kenyatta led his party to political reign in his country in the 1960s with himself as the first president of the new government. Kenyatta�s firmest base of support was among the Kikuyu, who formed but 20% of the black population of Kenya. As president, he reached out not only to other tribes but also to white and Asian settlers, assuring them of their place in a multiracial society. Kenyatta was in prison until 1959 . He was then sent into exile on probation in Lodwar , a remote part of Kenya.

Kenyatta made his KANU party virtually the only political party in the country and his security forces are thought to have harassed dissidents. He has been linked, by some, to the deaths of some of his political rivals during this second term but as both suspect deaths were car crash victims this has never been clarified fully. Kenyatta died in office in 1978 and was succeeded by Kenyan vice president Daniel arap Moi . Moi pledged to continue Kenyatta's work, labeling his own program Nyayo (Swahili for 'footsteps'). Kenyatta combines to an unusual extent the knowledge of Western ways and Western modes of thought with a training and outlook essentially African. As a first-hand account of a representative African culture, as an invaluable document in the principles underlying culture-contact and change; last, not least, as a personal statement of the new outlook of a progressive African, this book will rank as a pioneering achievement of outstanding merit.".'Facing Mount Kenya' is a central document of the highest distinction in anthropological literature, an invaluable key to the structure of African society and the nature of the African mind.

Kenyatta did manage to testify on behalf of Kikuyu land claims in 1932 at hearings of the Carter Land Commission. Kenyatta worked at a farm in Britain during World War II to avoid being inducted into the British army. He also married an English woman, Edna Clarke, who, in 1943, bore him a son, Peter Magana (named after his grandfather). Kenyatta was re-elected in 1966 and the next year changed the constitution to gain extended powers. This term brought border conflicts with Somalia and more political opposition.

Kenyatta's policy was in the sign of continuity and he kept many colonial civil servants in their old jobs. He asked for British troops' help against Somali rebels, Shiftas, in the northeast and an army mutiny in Nairobi (January 1964). Kenyatta was elected president of the newly founded (1960) Kenya African National Union while in exile. Released in 1961, he participated in negotiations with the British to write a new constitution for Kenya, which became independent in 1963.

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