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Is windows vista the king of all time??

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Author: Meg Jones

windows vista

Windows Vista includes a feature called "ReadyBoost" that can be used with some flash-based USB drives. If are experiencing video playback issues with iTunes in Windows Vista, disconnecting ReadyBoost-enabled flash drives may improve video playback performance. Windows Vista and Windows 7 have both made the task of directly editing the BCDedit file complicated as it is no longer text based as the boot.ini file was, and VistaBootPRO is here to help. Users can make changes to the Windows Boot Configuration Data (BCD) registry quickly and easily, doing the job in a fraction of the time it would take using the alternative DOS based command lines. Windows vista has quick power button to put the computer into sleep mode. But most user don't use sleep mode.

Windows Vista includes an array of "features" that you don't want. These features will make your computer less reliable and less secure. Windows Vista is a major and significant upgrade in security from Windows XP. The default configuration of Windows Vista is much more locked down than any previous version of Windows. Windows Vista Business also offers powerful new ways to organize, find, and share information while staying better connected whether you are in the office or on the road. This helps your business to run more efficiently than ever before.

Windows Vista is a line of operating systems developed by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, Tablet PCs, and media center PCs. Prior to its announcement on July 22, 2005, Windows Vista was known by its codename "Longhorn."4 Development was completed on November 8, 2006; over the following three months it was released in stages to computer hardware and software manufacturers, business customers, and retail channels. Windows Vista's alleged problems with hardware are non-existent ; the worst a customer can experience are problems with drivers , mostly caused by the potentially viral drivers disabled by the Vista security system. Potentially viral drivers, especially those with publicly available source code, can damage the Vista kernel, undermining the system's security dramatically. Windows Vista has the built-in ability to automatically reduce the potential of security breaches in the system. It does that by automatically enabling a feature called User Account Control (or UAC for short).

Microsoft promised us this OS for several years, and with every passing year its once-phenomenal improvements seem less and less impressive. Don't misunderstand: Windows Vista is a huge Windows release and one that consumers, especially, should be excited about. Microsoft just brought forward their release schedule! The Windows Vista SP2 release candidate escrow build will be released this week , instead of sometime in February. Microsoft has said there'll be no more Windows 7 betas after the current release, suggesting Windows 7 is effectively completed. If that's the case, Microsoft can't afford to have a completed operating system sitting around until 2010.

Microsoft just rolled out the first publicly available release candidate for Service Pack 1 of Windows Vista , and we snapped it up, eager to see if it's faster than the currently shipping version of Vista. To test its speed, we ran a series of benchmarks on exactly the same machine, first with the original version of Vista, and then with Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of the upcoming Service Pack 1 (SP1). Microsoft also released the Windows Template Library (WTL) which is really just an extension of ATL and provides invaluable additions to ATL for developing Windows applications. I don't use MFC mainly because I consider it to be a legacy framework that is too cumbersome for modern Windows programming. Microsoft put a lot of effort into making Windows Vista a visually compelling operating system. The system still has the same Windows Vista theme protections in place that make it impossible to add custom themes to Windows Vista.

Microsoft's execution of it, however, has one of the biggest "What were they thinking of?".mistakes I've seen in a long time. Microsoft stated that it prioritized improving the security of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 above finishing Windows Vista, thus delaying its completion. Microsoft has included many smartcard services in Vista, but probably not too many people use them. Do not get these confused with memory cards, they are completely different things.

Microsoft is still winning the battles the iPod "halo effect" notwithstanding, Apple is hovering at about a 5% market share but no one's getting worked up about the war. So many of the file-compatibility issues have been solved, and so much computing goes on in the browser anyway.

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