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Is Social media killing other mediums?

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Author: Bentack Jaitus

Social media isn't killing traditional media. Traditional media has been killing itself for 30 years. Social media is expensive. In fact, it's more expensive than traditional media. Social media is another venue for networking and networking is conversation. And, conversation is the biggest component missing from today's business environment. Social media is a must if you own a business. It forms true sound relationships and reputation that are valid and reliable sources. Social media is a cost-effective tool for this and the fact that consumer opinions are important is already verified in several studies . It is Interesting to also note that some products are more immune than others to recession. Social media is a great tool for most non-profits, as long as they maintain the accounts. I think one problem with non-profits is the mistake of using social media to solicit donations and raise money. Social media is here to stay. Now we just have to evolve with it. Social media is a much more efficient and effective means with which to establish, maintain and grow these relationships. PR dovetails really well into what social media strives to do. Social Media is often served with a side of Schadenfreude , so the bigger the mistake the better. A recent example involves the firing of three local radio personalities from KNXO radio. Social media is the latest buzzword in a long line of buzzwords. It is often used to describe the collection of software that enables individuals and communities to gather, communicate, share, and in some cases collaborate or play. Social media is the new game in town. Social media is often used commercially to create a focus group. In itself, that isn't a problem. Social media isn't rocket science. It's just good old fashioned listening. Social media is one of those things that is hard to fully understand and appreciate without getting your hands dirty. It is, in many ways, quite similar to blogging. Social media is about you. Social Media is blogs and podcasts, social networks and social sharing sites. Social media is only going to become more popular and its relevancy will only increase. Ignoring social media may be tantamount to ignoring reality. Social media is just getting started. At less than 1 out of 15,000, there's a whole lot of room for growth. Social media is changing the way travelers relate to big companies like airlines and hotel chains; calling the 800 number and sitting on hold for 45 minutes waiting for your complaint to be heard isn't your only option anymore. Even as we are standing in line waiting for bad news, being treated about the same as our luggage, and enduring countless slights and indignities, you and I alike can get the attention of big travel companies, forcing them to listen and respond. Social media is the media. Social media will become so broad, in that it covers a huge swath of media, and our coverage will become broader, in terms of covering all of media. Social media is a customer "touch," too. It's just a touch much earlier in the process, like a publicity story. Social Media is so very different from traditional marketing and people are struggling to figure out exactly what it is. Like Punk, Social Media has so much energy spewing everywhere with no direction. Social media is an umbrella topic covering hundreds of different platforms, mediums and means for producing and sharing user-generated content. Within that, individual communities can have thousands (or millions) of members, distinct cultures, unspoken rules and unofficial leaders.
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