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Is micro blogging dominating the web?

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Author: Janet Donald

Twitter and Plurk are both easy and good places to start. Think about what you are willing to share about yourself and your business before you Micro-Blog. Twitter has been there for a while and is gaining momentum. People have started using it for marketing, job search, networking and much more. Twitter is probably the fastest growing site on the web today and is taking the internet by storm.There are around 10,000 new users joining Twitter every day. Twitter is best described as a micro blogging platform.

Twitter has a good chance to, but how long can bit players like Pownce and Jaiku continue to get funding if they aren't making money? Twitter is not without its issues, though. One of the main ones I see is spam. Twitter makes me feel more connected to the coast. I'm in Kansas City, and sometimes the center of computer-dom can feel very far away.

Twitter is, of course, the major player in the micro-blogging world. Whilst twitter is considered to be on the cutting edge in terms of social acceptance and 'hipness', the organization has not really come up with a compelling business model. Twitter allows notes of only 140 characters, so everything is admirably short and to the point. No space here for waffle; just a surgical strike. Twitter on the other hand provides real time updates on the people you are following. True this is more "blog like" but I always feel left wanting to know more.

Twitterers and Twits caught or living in parts of California afflicted by the wildfires can now follow the Red Cross coverage of this natural disaster with second-by-second status announcements. People can sign up for Twitter from their cell phones if they don't have the service already and follow the redcross channel for updates by texting 'FOLLOW REDCROSS' to 40404. Twitter works very well in Europe and the rest of the world because you only pay to send one text message and everyone receives it for free. Twitter has yet to hit mainstream in Africa, it may have jumped the chasm in the US spurred by Oprah, but the service is mostly being being used by geeks and bloggers here. Some entrepreneurs are stepping up to the plate in the hope of becoming the Twitter of Africa .

Twitter size, snacking format fits perfectly in our busy and over-connected, overcomplicated digital universe. Not too many calories but still fulfilling our hunger for being part of human network.

Twitter is all over the news at the moment. For the uninitiated, it allows you to list short updates of what you are doing at any time. Twitter.com continues to grow in popularity and importance in both the consumer and corporate worlds. No longer just a platform for friends to stay connected in real time, it has evolved into an important component of brand marketing. Twitter's air is sort of serious.

Twitter, with it's ultra-thin user interface, and light feature set, and simple API (more on that in a bit) and the nothing-to-lose attitude of its management, may be the breakthrough. Or it could be Facebook, with it's much larger user base and a management that also likes to roll the dice. Twitter posts and like blog posts, except they're limited to 140 characters (so they fit in a cell phone text message). You subscribe to Twitter posts (called "tweets") sorta like you subscribe to a blog. Twitter is web 2.5. What will 3.0 include?

Twitter, the most popular online micro blogging service today, leads the way along with other similar micro blogs such as Plurk and Jaiku. Twittering) as simply a time drain. They argue they don't care that people are eating their corn flakes or they are taking their pet to the vet. Twitter is a free service, if you?re updating on the web, or the mobile web. However, sending and receiving Tweets (Twitter messages) by SMS will cost you, depending upon your mobile carrier.

Twitter will lead the field. Twitter (and other micro-blogging platforms ) are a tiny bit like blogging, in that you make posts that appear on a personal web page. The infectious difference is that micro-blogging is free, super simple, and doesn't take near the time or effort to post. Twitter has a larger community, has a lot of interactive functionality with your fusion studio, and is very basic and easy to use even for a computer novice.

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