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Is Gmail right for you?

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Author: Diana

Gmail invites millions of people to move their personal discussions to a common pool and to leave large amounts online. I claim that Gmail will cause the largest migration of personal information in the history of the world. Gmail was launched on April 1, 2004, and has revolutionized the way many of us use email. The interface has remained largely untouched since it launched, but get ready, it's soon to undergo a change in what they describe as a "New Version" . GMail is a very nice product, with great promise. They've done a lot of work on building a superior web e-mail interface.

Gmail uses "content extraction" (the term used in Google's patents ) on all incoming and outgoing e-mail in order to target the advertising to the user. For example, if the user is having an e-mail conversation about applying for a job, Gmail might present the user with ads about online job search sites and resume writing services. Gmail has made this a little easier by allowing you to recover your password via text message. Gmail and other big mail providers usually authenticate their mail, but other services might not, so it's possible you'll get an email from one of your contacts where images aren't displayed by default.

Gmail Browser is a web browser that is dedicated to running Gmail (and Google calendar, Google docs, etc). Well, for me, reading email is usually a work activity, while web browsing is mostly play. Gmail blocks most executable filetypes as a virus protection measure. If you absolutely have to send EXE or DLL files to a colleague, use something like DropSend . Gmail users are much more likely to be young, high income, and in the early adopter segments. For the four weeks ending 4/28/07, 54% of visits to Gmail were from users between 18 and 34, compared to 42% for Yahoo!

Gmail now lets you to fetch mail from up to 5 of your other, POP-enabled non-Gmail accounts! And once the messages are pulled into Gmail, you can leverage all of Gmail's great features. Gmail makes extensive use of frames to reduce page loads and server round trips. It has a total of 9 frames, most of which are hidden at any given time. Gmail push would complete the picture, and it could be on the way.

Gmail lets you apply as many labels as you want to each message, which is a much different approach to categorization from using mailboxes (since each message can appear in only one location in a mailbox hierarchy). Gmail's built-in Mail Fetcher allows you to receive and send from up to five different accounts via POP3. Unlike a simple forwarding feature, Mail Fetcher allows synchronizing of your Gmail actions with the home server. Gmail currently has a chat box which I don't use and thus find annoying, so I think we can build on that and expand it to a more full-featured chat widget, replacing the labels box.

Gmail itself reports "about 80" results when there are in fact 77). In general, the smaller the result size, the more accurate the search is. Gmail Swap a site where you can trade your invites for almost anything. It should be noted that in the last couple of weeks Google has been tossing out invites left and right and subsequently the 'value' of the invites has effectively been reduced to zero (this goes for selling them on eBay as well). GMail Drive periodically checks your mail account (using the Gmail search function) to see if new files have arrived and to rebuild the directory structures. But basically GMail Drive acts as any other hard-drive installed on your computer.

Gmail does not support CSS unless it is inline. Consequently not a single item from our list is supported, nor is anything else. Gmail's good, but it could be better. We've featured several Greasemonkey scripts that enhance Gmail in lots of different ways - like adding saved searches, attachment icons, label colors, keyboard macros, a filter assistant and right-click conversation previews. Gmail is smart about hiding quoted text and emails i've seen. Somehow it even knows the 1% of cases where I actually do want to see the quoted text.

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