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Is CSS a language?

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Author: John Kani

css is

CSS is user friendly and was purposely designed to be very readable and writable. The terminology of CSS is lifted from the terminology of desktop publishing. CSS is not easy. The learning curve is steep, and not well mapped. CSS is a crucial part of universal design. One page accomodates everyone: people with desktop PCs with modern web browsers, people on older PCs with older web browsers, people using WebTV, people using text-only browsers, people printing your web page, people with Braille readers, people with speech synthesizers.

CSS is a language for defining the formatting used in a Web site. This includes things like colours, background images, typefaces (fonts), margins, and indentation. CSS is a language to define format properties of HTML or XML tags. HTML has reached the end of it's shelf life and is not being developed further. CSS is ten years old this year. Such an anniversary is an opportunity to revisit the past and chart the future.

CSS isn't that hard, really. What sucked about HTML was mixing in a bunch of unnecessary tags that make it hard to work with, and pages bloated with unnecessary code. CSS is never going to fix it. CSS is like math. There are many routes to a solution, yet screwing one value up can break a lot of things.

CSS is for programmers. Programmers don't build websites. CSS is not an EJB like mess; it's actually very good. My point is that specifications change and ultimately the point of CSS is to make one's web pages easier to build and subsequently maintain. CSS is a style sheet language that allows web designers to attach style (fonts, spacing, colors, etc.) to HTML documents. Cascading style sheets work like a template, allowing Web developers to define a style for an HTML element and then apply it to as many Web pages as they'd like.

CSS is a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach that involves all stakeholders to develop a transportation facility that fits its physical setting and preserves scenic, aesthetic, historic and environmental resources, while maintaining safety and mobility. CSS is an approach that considers the total context within which a transportation improvement project will exist. CSS is a formatting language, used to provide more customised web pages and make it easier to make multiple pages use the same style. All current browsers can handle CSS, and it is the best Web page formatting language produced to date. CSS is ubiquitous in web development - but it can be repetitive at times. LESS and Sass are languages with Ruby implementations that allow to write better factored CSS files.

CSS is behaving more and more like scripting!

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