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Is Apartheid over?

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Author: Jane Mark

Apartheid is between people, and now I am not speaking about race/color I am talking about society in general. For instance, the rich and the poor don't live next to one another. Apartheid is a policy of racial segregation maintained in South Africa from 1948 to 1991. The policy established the doctrine of 'separate development' whereby South African blacks were segregated into reserves known as 'homelands' and subjected to residential and occupational restrictions. Apartheid is a cultural thing. According to a CBS news report delivered by Dan Rather, it only appears inhumane to our "Western eyes.".If we understood the culture of the country that has instituted apartheid, we would realize that apartheid is not about a dominant group exerting control, perpetuating inequality, and disempowering another group.

Apartheid is over, but its legacy is not. Women, in particular, are still struggling to recover from decades of forced removal from their land and decades of a life of transience and impermanence for themselves and their families. Apartheid is when a group of citizens of a nation is by law separated from all other citizens and the rights, benefits and protections all others are granted.

Global apartheid is a system of inequality that dictates access to wealth, power and basic human rights based on race and place. The elites in the rich and powerful countries control the major global decision-making bodies - such as the World Bank and the World Trade Organization (WTO) - and preserve this system, which works in their favor. Global apartheid is an international system of minority rule whose attributes include differential access to basic human rights, wealth and power. This global inequality, along with gender inequality, fuels the pandemic in Africa.

Blacks and whites, then blacks and whites and coloureds, were given different ranks and legal status within a frame of a unified system -- apartheid. Black men came in large numbers from all parts of the subcontinent to work in the mines and factories, and were forced to leave their families behind. Companies built single-sex workers' hostels around every big city and industry. Blacks are now called Africans, a term that implies that everyone else isn't. They are the first in the pecking order in benefiting from affirmative-action or black-empowerment programs.

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