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How to stop dogs from whining

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Author: Mustafa Khalid

Whining is a sound they make from birth and as the mother continues to respond to the whining, the puppy continues to use whining to communicate. When the time comes for the puppy to leave its mother and join a new family the way in which whining is dealt with will determine how long it continues. Whining is one of the first things a dog learns to do. A hungry puppy will whine to let its mother know that it is hungry. Whining can sometimes be a sign that your dog is in pain or isn't feeling well. If this is a new behavior for your dog, have him evaluated by your veterinarian to rule out physical causes for his behavior.

Whining is just a natural reaction to pain. If they can't tolerate the feeling anymore they will call your attention.

Train yourself not to go straight away to your dog and this is great. Your dog will stop whining after a while. Training to stop dog barking can take some time, especially if you?re working with an older dog. You can teach an old dog new tricks, or at least to stop barking so much, but persistence is key.

Punishment will do little to curb the behavior, and will only increase the anxiety. Training yourself and your dog will do more to stop the whining than punishment ever will. Punishment will only heighten their anxiety and make the whining worse. Attempts at discouraging their whining (from consoling to scolding) will either cause more anxiety, or directly or indirectly reinforce the behavior.

Respond to her ONLY when she has quieted down. Responding to his whining even once completely sets him back. Reassure her that it will get worse before it gets better, but if she is consistent and sticks with it, it WILL get better.

Puppies need to get accustomed to their grooming; beginning early while still young is the best time for puppies. This will aid in preventing any grooming issues in the future as the dog ages. Puppies and younger dogs can be in pain also. Puppies will be happy in a safe and balanced environment. Simply responding to all its demands will produce imbalance in time, with the dog becoming confused about its position within the family and possibly developing obsessive disorders.

Puppies should not become accustomed to whining each time they want something. Puppies that are tearing around the house and leaping all over the furniture shouldn't be interacted with until they are calm and ready to follow your voice and motions. Puppies may need comfort, water, food or warmth. Adult dogs may whine for the same reasons, a dog may be found whining in front of an empty water bowl or�whining�because it wants to seek human companionship.

Puppies will normally whine to their mother if they are in search of and want something to eat. Hunger is commonly associated with this type of behavior.

Pack animals like wolves and dogs will howl in harmony as a form of staying in touch over distances and communicating between packs. You begin to "howl" and your packmate simply joins in. Pack snacks and come prepared to convince her or him that they don't require that candy bar. Redirection is the key when whining starts if you cannot reason with your toddler.

Whenever he whines, give out a loud noise and say no. Don't ever hit your dog. Whenever I take my Italian Greyhound on a car ride, she cries and whines the entire time. I cannot tell if she is nervous or excited or maybe a mix of the two.

Start by spending some time with your dog, then leave it by itself for a short period of time. When you leave the room, do not immediately return if the dog starts whining.

Remember to praise him. Then go out of the room and repeat this with your friend knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell. Remember to take the animal outside to use the bathroom after they eat. A dog is most likely to use the bathroom within a short period of time after they have their meal. Remember, it's never OK to be hit your dog, or be rought with your dog to punish it. If your dog fears punishment from you, you may lose your dog's trust, and that's much worse than a little whining.

But what if your dog never whined and now suddenly does? If a dog that never whines suddenly begins he is alerting, "Something is wrong.".The dog could be in pain and or may be injured. But if you do not want the puppy to visit your bedroom as a grown up dog, simply ignore his crying. Placing your socks or any cloth having your scent in it in his crate makes him feel very comfortable. But he's much happier now that he doesn't expect to always be involved in everything. He can relax when we are out of the room, instead of freaking out.

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