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How to make money

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Author: MBU


Online there's tons of money to be made through various product promotions, companies and affiliations. The great thing about online affiliate programs is that you don't put any money down. Online video is driving the need for fresh capital investment, as well as operational expense . Some of this can be justified by reduced operational costs (as fibre is cheaper to maintain than copper, and LTE/WiMAX have more capacity than 2G/3G) but there remains a significant funding gap. Online business models today are still undergoing lots of flux too, with new ones emerging on practically a weekly basis. For these reasons where possible I include other information sources for you to check out as well.

Online marketing is all about having a wide variety of products that may appeal to your customers. So, what can you do when you see your sales sky rocket?


Companies hire and pay mystery shoppers to evaluate their products or services while posing as customers. In exchange for some form of compensation, mystery shoppers provide a detailed report of their findings, which is useful feedback for these companies. Companies would be more convinced if you can give them your ?click through ratio? URL tracking services like bit.ly or SU.pr can be used here.

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