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How to keep your computer safe and fast

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Author: John Kani

Scan for viruses, spyware, adware, and other nasties. A surprising number of people with slow computers wind up forking over their hard-earned dollars to "expert" technicians only to find out later that their problems were caused by viruses or adware that they could have removed themselves with a simple scan. Scanning helps to a great extent to locate the files that cause errors. The ActiveX control errors, DLL errors and more associated errors can easily be sorted out through registry fix .

Files that you want to print can get stuck in the printer queue. When this happens often the only way to get the file out is to restart your computer. Files will be more quickly accessed and all of the bad sectors on a disk will not contain any information on them. Hence, a user will not wait in vain for a file that is stuck on a bad part of the hard drive.

Slow computers often have errors in their registry. The main functions of a registry are about connecting hardware, software and computer files. Slow boots can be caused by factors other than drive problems, such as a corrupt operating system or having your OS launch a lot of programs at startup. A somewhat sluggish boot disk might just need to be defragmented. Slow computer fix it with knowledgeable nerd - affordable prices helping customers fix their slow computers with diagnostic computer scans, internet security software, spyware and virus removal, and remote and onsite tech support. How to fix slow computer - yahoo answers windows xp registry cleaner - the best pc doctor whenever your computer runs slower than normal and suddenly freezes up, or shuts down for no apparent reason, it may be time to.

Run the program inside the extracted folder and scan your registry. This program is free and very simple to use. Running this tool will just take several minutes. Once the process is finished you will be able to delete unnecessary files located on the temporary folders, recycle bin and other locations.

Windows hard drive get corrupt or become inaccessible due to variety of reasons like hard drive crashes, virus attacks, software errors, partition format, partition corruptions etc. Windows XP Tutorials are our way of helping you with your computer problems. Windows uses temp files to perform various tasks, and store files. But these files can remain on your hard drive long after you are done with them.

Windows does allow you the option to turn some or all of these features off you would rather have your processor's power focused on more important things.

Spyware is the #1 threat on the internet today, installed on almost every computer with an internet connection, most users don't even know those harmful pests invaded their PC. Spyware is just a special case of a more general problem: too many programs loading at Windows startup. Most of the programs you install don't need to load when your computer boots up. Spyware and adware can slow your computer down all by themselves, but Spybot makes them easy to nuke.

Errors and corrupt files in your Windows registry compromise the integrity of your system. Failure to fix errors results in system freezes and system crashes, rendering your PC useless.

Delete the files by going into the Start menu and opening up the Disk Cleanup application. Delete applications and files you don't need, and burn to CD what you don't need at your fingertips. You also can inexpensively add external storage, such as a flash or hard drive.

Check that CPU fan and power supplied fan are working properly and dust is not been collected on them. The temperature can be checked by running mother board monitor. Check for any registry and hard disk problems on the computer. For computers using the Windows 2000 and Windows XP Operating Systems, the user may check for hard disk errors as well as repair such discovered problems.

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