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How do Search engines work?

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Author: Jane

Search engines use "spiders" which search (or spider) the web for information. They are software programs which request pages much like regular browsers do. Search engines mainly build their business on other websites' content. The traditional analysis has been that search engines amply return the favor by directing traffic to these sites. Search engines use regularly updated indexes to operate quickly and efficiently. Without further qualification, search engine usually refers to a Web search engine, which searches for information on the public Web. Search engines enable faster and more accurate research, giving the user many sources for cross reference for the given information. It saves valuable time. Search engines are essentially massive databases that cover wide swaths of the Internet. Most consist of three parts: at least one program, called a spider, crawler, or bot, which "crawls" through the Internet gathering information; a database, which stores the gathered information; and a search tool, with which users search through the database by typing in keywords describing the information desired (usually at a Web site dedicated to the search engine). Search engines use automated software programs knows as spiders or bots to survey the Web and build their databases. Web documents are retrieved by these programs and analyzed. Google not only upped the number of possible languages, but every language listed can translate to the other. So depending on how you count, Google Translate now has over 500 language pairs available! Google Mobile does let you perform a search on your mobile phone, but check out the Slifter Mobile Demo when you get a chance! Google helped drive Yahoo and MSN to be the excellent search engines they are today. Google has been instrumental in what we believe to be the most important development in search engine technology for 2005. Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and other search engines record your search queries and maintain massive databases that reach into the most intimate details of your life. When revealed to others, these details can be embarrassing and even cause great harm. Search engines work off relevancy and a trust factor. When you''re looking for back links, try to find web site pages that contain the phrase or keyword you want to achieve highly searched ranked positions. Search Engine Optimization SEO software tools provides guidance in optimizing web pages, schedules, submits and reports the successful submission of the optimized pages, and reports the rankings of web pages in the search engines. Here are some popular Search Engine Optimization software tools that helps to achieve top positions and increase your traffic. Search engines dont like black hat techniques. Search Engines gives more strength to page title tag because web pages with keywords in title tags are more likely to be relevant for search term. Always make sure to have different page titles for all web pages. Search marketing became highly competitive therefore it is very important to research the right niche market and perform proper keyword research. Finding a niche is the crucial part of your success within the search results.
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