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Have you ever consindered a nursing home?

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Author: Ben

Nursing homes are freestanding, which means that they are not part of a hospital. Some nursing homes are part of a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) and are governed through special contracts. Nursing homes are now very reluctant to accept patients who are at risk for decubitus ulcers, etc. This combined with the declining revenue has led to the situation where there are no places that will accept transfers from the hospital. Nursing homes are different than hospitals and the quality of care one may receive can vary tremendously. UCompareHealthCare provides information on the deficiencies that nursing homes have received and levels of staffing and services offered.

Nursing homes are inspected (surveyed) annually. During each inspection, surveyors are supposed to set aside time for private interviews with nursing home residents to discuss their views about the care the facility provides. Nursing homes are required to assist you if you need help being fed. This assistance should be provided at the time meals are served so that hot food is still hot and cold food is still cold. Nursing homes are increasingly housing young and middle-aged residents with mental illness, and in some cases, that leads to violence, the Associated Press reports. Younger residents with depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder are living in the same homes as senior citizens.

Nursing homes are being increasingly used to complement and supplement other care options, including assisted living, hospital and home care, particularly for short-term rehabilitation. Nursing homes are really not part of that equation.".Reasons participants gave for this perception included nursing home size, absence of doctors at the sites, and unreliable staff. Nursing homes are licensed by the state to provide nursing care, personal care and medical services. They also offer different kinds of therapies to help a person recover after an illness or surgery.

Nursing Homes are required to post a notice regarding the availability of the most recent inspection report and must make the results available for examination in a place readily accessible to residents. Technically, though, a home doesn't have to post the actual results unless a sanction (other than a plan of correction) has resulted from the survey. Nursing homes are equipped with much of the same medical equipment found in hospitals. Treatments for conditions such as pulmonary and respiratory diseases, dialysis and cancer are provided in this environment. Nursing homes are for people who need extensive and extended health or personal care. Many people live in nursing homes unnecessarily because they thought they had no other alternatives.

Nursing homes are for people who need help with health care for chronic conditions but do not need to be hospitalized. The decision to move to a nursing home may be triggered by a change in circumstances. Nursing homes are willing to pay the salary to attract nurses but in many areas there aren't enough nurses to meet demand. Nursing homes, as well as hospitals are using innovative work schedules to meet staffing requirements but in many cases, nurses are overloaded with too many patients. Nursing homes are inspected at least once every six to 15 months. The state average is once every 12 months.

Nursing homes are licensed, regulated, and individually certified by the state for Medicare and Medicaid and provide 24-hour care. They offer a staff of licensed and/or registered nurses, nursing aides, and administrators as required by licensing standards. Nursing homes are awarded stars in each category, then given an overall rating based on a CMS calculation. Twelve percent of nursing homes nationwide received the top overall rating of five stars ("much above average"), while 22 percent received just one star ("much below average").

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