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Graphic design

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Author: Mark Geralds

Graphic design is about solving problems using a given medium - it is just that many people, incuding many of it's exponents, forget about this in favour of visual wizz bang. Good graphic designers with a head for the web are therefore pretty important in the process, commenting on things outside the scope of pure prettification. Graphic design is what most people think of when 'design' is mentioned. And while it is merely part of a whole in the web, it is an important part. Graphic Design is the profession used to solve communication problems visually. Logos, posters, package designs, websites, billboards, brochures, letterheads, advertisements, interpretive exhibitions and publications are examples of the types of communication needs Graphic Designers fulfill.

Graphic design is concerned with how a page looks. Information architecture design is concerned with how a page reads. Graphic design is a powerful tool to communicate your marketing communications objectives. Good design supports these objectives by ensuring that your message is clear and underscores your primary communications goal. Graphic design is one of the six design disciplines clustered in Toronto fuelling the city's reputation for innovation and creativity. Work as a graphic designer, web designer, project manager, and junior art director.

Graphic design is not only about slick looks, but also about clear communication. It needs to be memorable, brand-true and impactful amid a sea of irrelevant and mediocre visual communications. Graphic design is a process of creating graphics. You can't expect people who just create graphics to care about production issues, about usability, about marketing and sales strategy. Graphic design is a field where you have to use your creativity along with latest technologies to make the mode of communication an effective one. The designer uses a wide variety of communication tools in order to convey a message on behalf of client to particular audience.

Graphic design is a fairly young profession, and as such still in a state of development. It is expanding to encompass various activities: writing, organizing, conceptualizing, reflecting. Graphic Design is a generic term given to visual communication in the public domain. Based originally in print media, the practice has moved from being paper and book publication orientated to new digital media platforms. Graphic design is about selling at times, but just as often it's about providing information--and that's something most marketers know little about. Graphic designers should be involved in analyzing a client's communications, and finding ways to provide information that is of strategic value.

Graphic design is a popular art and a practical art, an applied art and an ancient art. Simply put, it is the art of visualizing ideas. Graphic design is an expanding, dynamic market for creative graduates who are skilled in design for print and interactive digital media. The course is flexible with specialist options in advertising design, editorial design, branding and publishing. Graphic design is about visual communication. That communication can be at an intellectual level or an emotive level - it speaks to the mind and the heart.

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