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Author: Jobby

Globalisation is going to continue to push us to improve productivity and carve out our specialisations and comparative advantages in the global economy. Those specialisations should be based on the high levels of value-added we bring to what we produce. Globalisation has transformed the way in which dominant forces in the global economy have defined their interests in the world outside of their own home base. In earlier economic phases, these forces were focused on ensuring access to cheap raw materials in the periphery as well as whatever access they could get to foreign commodity markets that was compatible with ensuring protected access r their economies at home. Globalisation produces new opportunities and threats, and it creates a new framework for foreign policy. With new communication channels, trade and investment intensity has increased. Globalisation increases aggregate incomes but erodes redistribution, and it could decrease welfare if it were not accompanied by better insurance against new and larger risks. In our empirical work, following Jappelli and Pagano (1994), we proxy the accessibility and efficiency of household financial markets by loan-to-value ratios - the percentage of a house purchase price that may be financed by mortgages. Globalisation has shaped the world economy for the last two centuries. It also has shaped New Zealand, as for instance when refrigeration, together with steam ships and telegraph, led to a New Zealand economy based on pastoral farming selling to Britain. Globalisation therefore poses a huge challenge for politics, industry and society. Globalisation is the more or less simultaneous marketing and sale of identical goods and services around the world. So widespread has the phenomenon become over the past two decades that no one is surprised any more to find Coca-Cola in rural Vietnam, Accenture in Tashkent and Nike shoes in Nigeria. Globalisation provides opportunities and challenges. Bigger markets can mean bigger profits which leads to greater wealth for investing in development and reducing poverty in many countries. Globalisation is characterised by the fact that the most powerful companies - the MNEs - think of the whole planet as their sphere of operation. They are able to shape national and global politics and policies to suit that end by making offers to many countries that governments cannot refuse and by their lobbying. Globalisation has made it clear that individual countries don't have the legal power to control large companies, while a single case of corporate failure can shake the world. Good corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and compliance with international standards are therefore vital, both for individual businesses, and for the world as a whole. Globalisation thus implies that sovereignty is not only becoming weaker in reality, but that it needs to become weaker. States would be wise to weaken sovereignty in order to protect themselves, because they cannot insulate themselves from what goes on elsewhere. Globalisation has effects on finance, industry, the environment and all of the many political and cultural ideas and institutions. It effects information flows, consumer trends and immigration flows between different parts of the world.
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