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Feeding your pets - cats and dogs

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Author: Jim Chapman

Dog lovers feel that a dog is man's best friend. With this thought in mind you will want to feed your dog the best pet food available. Dog and cat food value sales increased mainly thanks to the good performance of dry food, especially dry cat food. Dry food is more convenient to use for pet owners, and premium products were developed. Dog bites are covered by liability insurance, such as homeowners, renters and some umbrella insurance policies, but the victim still must prove that his claim rests on legal grounds. The one bite rule makes this difficult or impossible in many cases, and therefore benefits insurance companies at the expense of the injured, who are mostly children.

Feeding your cat on tins of Dine will cost you more than $1000 a year. Feeding your pooch My Dog in a tin will cost you more than $1800 per year. Feeding directions vary among manufacturers, too, so the number of calories delivered in a daily meal of one food may be quite different from another. The number of calories in a product roughly relates to the amount of fat, although varying levels of non-calorie-containing components, such as water and fiber, can throw this correlation off. Feed contamination is a fairly uncommon occurrence, said Dr. He added that most pork producers feed a ration of corn and soybean meal to control their inputs and thus maintain nutritional balance and optimize growth.

Meat and poultry meals, by-product meals, and meat-and-bone meal are common ingredients in pet foods. The term "meal" means that these materials are not used fresh, but have been rendered.

Additionally, cat owners should monitor their cat for symptoms, including a reduction in appetite or refusal of food, weight loss, vomiting or diarrhea. If your cat is experiencing health issues, please see your Veterinarian. Additionally, the Nature's Variety Raw Chicken and Beef diets are identical in composition to the freeze dried diets except that the moisture has not been removed. Therefore, we are also placing a hold on their sale until the situation is clear.

Cats need the amino acids that are included in animal protein. Researchers have identified twenty-three amino acids that cats require and a deficiency in any of these amino acids can cause health problems. Cat food should be higher in protein, and you should avoid onions, bones, and pork in cat food. Both cats and dogs will become sick if given chocolate or alcohol, so avoid adding these substances to home made pet food. Cats already inflict significant damage on populations of these creatures, so it might be irresponsible to encourage this.

Cats are more finicky than dogs, so feed them mostly meat and a vitamin supplement. Check with a veterinarian to make sure you cover your pets' nutrient requirements. Cathy recently took a public stance stating she believes a pet food to be the cause of a pet illness and death. If only other veterinarians would follow Dr.

Organic dog food can be difficult to find. Most traditional grocery stores don't stock it. Organic foods are a subgroup of natural foods. In other words, all organic foods are natural, but not all natural foods are organic.

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